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Appointment of Jonathan Till as interim Chief Executive.
Sunday, 13 September 2015 16:43

Announcement from Trust Chairman Roderick Bluh


Chief Executive (Interim)

In the context of the proposed re-organisation I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Till as interim Chief Executive.

You will be aware of the proposals for the reorganisation of the Trust.  A key element of this is the appointment of a Chief Executive, who will lead a new Executive group.  While these proposals are still subject to approval by members, I do believe that it is essential that we move forward along the lines proposed if we are to deliver our common objective, a restored canal.

We have recently had an offer from Jonathan Till, a very experienced businessman who has been helping us with the business plan for the Melksham Link.  Wanting to support the Trust further, he has offered to act as our Chief Executive for a period of six months, possibly extendable to twelve months.  I should emphasise that this position will be filled at no cost to the Trust.

This offer was discussed at Council of Management on Thursday, and we were very pleased to accept the offer.  Jonathan will begin work immediately, ie on Monday 14th September.  We expect that he will be able to devote two to three weeks per month to the Trust, covering both his role as Chief Executive, and continued work on the Melksham Link.

The Directors are very excited by this offer, which we see as enabling us to take a big step forward in the management of the Trust.  Over the coming weeks Jonathan will be working to deepen his understanding of the Trust, and to meeting as many people as possible.  We look forward to working with him to give our project another step forward.