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Invitation to Members to apply to join the new Executive Committee
Friday, 08 January 2016 20:17

At its last meeting the Board of Trustees approved the organisation of the new Executive Committee, which it has set up to manage the day-to-day business of the Trust. The role of the Board of Trustees remains to set strategy and to oversee its implementation. Allow me to quote from the Q&As on our website.

Q. What will the Board of Trustees do?
A. Its role will be to safeguard the ethos and charitable status of the Trust. It will also appoint the Chief Executive, and set the strategy to follow. The Trustees are expected to focus their time and efforts on governance and strategy, as opposed to executive or 'delivery' work.

Q. What is the role of the Executive?
A. To implement the strategy laid down by the Board of Trustees, to manage the operations of the Trust, and to oversee the operations of the Trading and Projects subsidiaries.

Members of the Executive Committee are called Directors and are to be supported by teams and by support staff. Directors will determine how their teams and support staff will be set up and staffed. The CEO will also undertake the role of one of the other Directors as well as providing leadership to the Committee as a whole.

The overall structure including the teams and support staff that I would expect will be supporting the Executive are set out in the chart below. Some of the teams (the Land Team and the Engineering Team) already exist as such; others will be set up from scratch or will be crafted out of other existing bodies (the Projects Board and the Restoration Committee). Further below you will find the roles envisaged for individual Directors.


Jon till-enhance

We are looking for applicants for:

• Voting members of the Executive Committee (Directors)
• Members and heads of teams, and support staff for consideration at a later stage. We will presume that those in existing roles here will wish to continue with these roles unless we hear to the contrary.

Members may apply for more than one position – indeed we would welcome it knowing that we are a voluntary organisation that relies on the support of its Members.

Please send your application directly to me at Jonathan Till by e-mail or by post to the Trust's offices addressed to myself and marking the envelope "APPLICATION – PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL". Applications should reach me by Sunday 31st January.

During early February a committee made up of Rod Bluh (our Chairman), Colin Fletcher (a senior Member of the Trust) and myself will review the applications for the Executive Committee and as needed will invite individuals to interview. We are working towards having the Executive Committee membership decided in time for an EGM currently planned for early March.

In your application:

• Please state which position or positions are of interest to you.
• Give a brief description of your suitability for the position.
• Attach a cv.
• Make sure we have your correct contact details!

And if you have any questions or ideas about the new structure or about how you might help, then please write to me or call me using the details at the end of this message.

Outline roles for the Executive Committee members (Directors):

Projects Director
Strategy Document: route, projects, costing
Restoration policy, engineering design
Land acquisition policy, acquisition
Canal restoration organisations
Project preparation, authorisation by Executive
Construction contracts preparation, commitment and control
Preparation of annual report (projects)
Wilts & Berks Canal (Projects) Ltd

PR & Communications, IT Director
Website, social media, blog
Membership, members database
"Dragonfly" magazine
Publication of annual report and accounts
Events management
Servers, data policy and security
Internal file sharing, archiving
Internal e-mail
External PR & communications
Data Protection Officer

Volunteers, Property, Commercial Operations Director
Maintenance policy, implementation
Health & safety policy, implementation
Branch policy and support
Volunteers co-ordination (maintenance, project participation etc)
Management of Trust's property, plant and equipment (real estate, vehicles, boats etc)
Commercial operations, shop management
Boats management
Preparation of annual report (volunteers, operations)
Wilts & Berks Canal (Trading) Ltd

Fundraising, Sponsorship Director
Major donor and grant funding organisations
Entrust funds
Legacy fundraising
Project summaries for funding and communications purposes
Grant fund applications
Preparation of annual report (funding, sponsorship)
Sponsorship of canal restoration through joint venture projects including enabling development

Finance, Legal, Administration Director
Trust accounting, project & funding accounting including recording of larger commitments (contractual payment obligations and funding commitments)
Budgeting, financial control and reporting
Preparation, audit/examination of annual accounts
Company secretary role
Membership fees, donations collection, gift aid collection
Leases database, lease payments
Assets database, associated payments
Short term (bridge) finance overdraft facilities
Taxation, tax payment
Risk register

Let me take this opportunity of thanking you for your support

Jonathan Till

JONATHAN TILL Chief Executive Officer

+44 7444 432441