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Annual General Meeting 2016 - documents
Friday, 30 September 2016 19:07

Documents for the Trust AGM on October 2016

Details of the day's programme here

Notice of Annual General Meeting here

Annual Report and Accounts here

Pen portraits of Trustees seeking re-election

Colin Fletcher

Peter Kinsman

Pen portraits of nominations to be Trustee representing membership

Steve Bacon

Luke Walker

Vaughan Welch









Notice is hereby given that the twenty eight Annual General Meeting of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust (company number 2267719) will take place at:

Sheldon School, Hardenhuish Lane, Chippenham, Wilts, SN14 6HJ,  (Grid Ref Explorer 156 ST 910746) on Saturday, 15th October 2016 at 2.00 pm.





1.     To receive any apologies for absence.


2.     To approve the Minutes of the twenty seventh AGM held on 17th October 2015 and to consider any matters arising.


3.     Tp approve the Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 5th March 2016 and to consider any matters arising.


4.     To approve the Directors’ Annual Report for the year ended 31st March 2016.


5.     To approve the Trust’s accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016.


6.     To elect Members to the Board of Trustees:

    1. In accordance with Articles 41 and 42 of the Articles of Association David Cook, Colin Fletcher, Peter Kinsman and David Stirling retire from the Board in rotation.  All offer themselves for re-election.
    2. There were no members co-opted since the last AGM to be re-elected in accordance with Article 36 of the Articles of Association.
    3. To elect a Trustee to represent the Membership.  Nominations are invited using a form for nomination obtainable from the Company Secretary.
    4. In accordance with Article 44 any other nominations to the Board of Trustees should be notified to the Company Secretary at the Trust’s offices at Dauntsey Lock Canal Centre, Dauntsey Lock, Chippenham, SN15  4HD in writing to arrive no later than Friday 9th September 2016, in order to enable the Trust to inform members of nominations.  Nominations should be signed by at least five Proposers and by the person nominated, all of whom must be full members of the Trust.  A pen picture of the nominee and his/her interests and ideas towards the furtherance of the Trust’s aims should be included, and this will be made available at the meeting for the benefit of Members during voting.  [Note: to facilitate running of the meeting a form for the nomination of directors is obtainable from the Company Secretary.]


7.     To approve the reappointment of Messrs Morris Owen as accountants of the Trust at a remuneration to be determined by the Board.




8.     There is no Special Business proposed.   


9.     Any Other Business.




By order of the Board


C D Coyle

Company Secretary.



  1. As a member of the Trust you are invited to attend the AGM.  A member entitled to be present and vote at the AGM may appoint a proxy to attend, speak and vote on his or her behalf in the event of a poll being demanded on a resolution or a ballot being held for the elections to the Board.  A proxy MUST be a member of the Trust.  An instrument of proxy may be obtained from the Company Secretary, to whom it must be returned not later than forty-eight hours before the start of the meeting.


  1. A Member may propose a resolution at the meeting.  Such a resolution will be Special Business, requiring a majority of 75% of the votes cast at the meeting.  To assist in the orderly conduct of the meeting it would be helpful if members (or their duly appointed proxy) wishing to propose a resolution would indicate their intention to do so by informing the Company Secretary either in advance of the meeting or at the venue on the day of the meeting.


  1. After the formal business of the AGM there will be an Open Forum Session at which members may put questions from the floor to the Directors on any matter relating to the canal or the Trust’s activities.