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Report on AGM held October 2011
Friday, 04 November 2011 07:26





The Trust's Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday October 15th.





As is now traditional, members had the opportunity in the morning to visit a current project - in this case MCC branch proudly showed what is happening at Pewsham, with a lovely stretch of water gleaming in the Autumn sun.

The formalities of the meeting did not take long. The Annual Report and Accounts were approved, and all the Directors who had to retire by rotation were re-elected, so we will continue to benefit from their experience and efforts.

John Bridgeman, who is currently Vice-Chairman of British Waterways, and a ‘Transition Trustee' for the new Canal and River Trust, gave a most enlightening and thought-provoking presentation on the new Trust which will take over from British Waterways. One thing that is clear is that money will continue to be very tight - possibly even more so, depending on the finalisation of discussions with Government about how much funding will be made available after the change, and for how long. On the other hand he was very encouraging about the Wilts & Berks, showing every confidence that we will achieve our aim of full restoration.

A date for your diaries and calendars - next year's AGM will be on 20th October.


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