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Kingshill Swans go on Walkabout
Monday, 22 October 2012 06:39

SwansCrossingLingshill21-10-12-1000On Saturday 20th October 2012 the members of the Trust were holding their Annual General Meeting in Bourton when the Swans, resident on the Kingshill section of canal, decided that they wished to make a point regarding the omission of the canal through the town centre.

No one had told the Swans that the submission date for comments to Forward Swindon had passed. So wanting to make a point "Mummy" swan together with  her cygnets set off to locate a new home. They walked out of the water, onto the grass, and then straight across Kingshill Road onto Canal Walk.

After a short time they settled adjacent to the back yard of the Falcon Public House (what a delightful spot when the canal is restored in the area).

After soaking up the ambience of the new location they returned to share the news with "Daddy" swan.  Mummy and her cygnets were obviously happy with their find because the following morning "Daddy" was persuaded to join the family for a second visit! 

And so a message to all Wild Life Lovers

Join the Canal Trust in lobbying Forward Swindon and the Council suggesting that the canal should be restored across Kingshill Road and along Canal Walk in order to join up with the North Wilts Canal from Cricklade at the proposed new Basin  south of the railway close to Fleet Street.

SwansWestcottPlace20-10-12-1000The advantages for the swans would be a safe, slow, interesting trip between Swindon and Cricklade.

At the same time this would encourage the canal boats to transit the area with the associated economic benefits to the town.

The  photos were supplied by Derek Wiggins one of the regular towpath walkers.

We are very grateful  to Derek for allowing us to use his  photos.





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23rd October 2012