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Monday, 01 July 2013 07:56

September 2013 nb Dragonfly report for Dragonfly - the magazine

The Trust’s narrowboat Dragonfly continues to entertain and inform the people of Swindon and the surrounding area.  Indeed a party who came to Dragonfly last week are coming again this weekend.  They learn about the old canal, the proposed new canal and see the wildlife – it is rumoured that Henry the Heron now has a mate!!

To date 333 Adults, of which 9 were wheelchair users, and 166 children have joined us on our regular Sunday trips.
There have been 13 charters, including adult birthday parties, Guides and Beaver groups, Pre-school group,
Stag party, a Christmas gift , ImechE who enjoyed a BBQ at Beavans Bridge, plus a Pirate Birthday Party. We have sold
£104 worth of raffle tickets on the boat. Weather permitting we hope to continue to run our regular Sunday trips
until November 17th.

Our next big challenge is to prepare for our search for Santa along the Wilts & Berks Canal.  Trips begin on
Sunday 24th November and we already have bookings.  See the full page advertisement for more details. 

We are grateful to all the volunteers, skippers and crew, and also all the people who come along for a ride. Their efforts
have meant that we are now gradually covering the costs originally paid out by the Trust. These include the cost of
Dragonfly, the cost of the wheelchair lift and the maintenance and running costs of the boat.  If it were not for the
dedication and hard work of the volunteers these costs would be much higher.  We hope by the end of this year
to be making a healthy surplus for the Trust.

Dragonfly Boat Team



15th Sept 2013 


Mervyn Commons celebated
his 68th Birthday 
on board Dragonfly
- a present from his daughter

Dads 68th_Birthday_1000   

Dads 68th_Birthday_2-1000



8th July 2013 


The 12th Swindon Beavers
who are based at the Moravian
Church in Dixon Street
had a great time on Dragonfly.
The canal trip was part
of their Adventure Activity badge.

 2013 8th_July_-_Beavers_on_Canal__2  

2013 8th_July_-_Beavers_on_Canal__3



 2013 8th_July_-_Beavers_on_Canal__5

2013 8th_July_-_Beavers_on_Canal__1

2013 8th_July_-_Beavers_on_Canal__4



7th July 2013 

First all Ladies Crew

 First Lady_Crew_for_Dragonfly_1


 First Lady_Crew_for_Dragonfly_2  

First Lady_Crew_for_Dragonfly_4



30th June 2013


Dragonfly played host
to Matilda's 3rd Birthday Party.
Albert the parrot
joined in the fun !
Pirates Old Grey Beard
& Bonny worked as crew


Pirate Birthday Party




Pirate Birthday Party


  Pirate Birthday Party 

IMAG0043 3 Later on in the day we
received this comment
"Thanks to the team. Had a
great time on the Dragonfly. 
My 12 year old now saving
for a boat !!"



2nd June 2013




Sunday 2 June

 26th May  Tim Pyatt writes - We had a good sunny and warm day with Dragonfly yesterday and even had a wheelchair customer. The lift worked really well and was a lot easier & quicker than Tim had  thought.  Another lady came  to discuss booking the boat for a party of disabled people.  The new prop & stern gear is a lot smoother, really great. All is looking good for Dragonfly.