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Dragonfly Boat Trip News - August 2014
Friday, 30 May 2014 00:00



Dragonfly on front cover

of Dragonfly - the Magazine

Trainee Skipper Sally Parkin

brings Dragonfly through

Beavans Bridge

Summer 2014

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Charter and BBQ in the Evening sunshine Wednesday July 30th 2014
"It was a great success. Many thanks for organising for me".

 May 24th Charter 

and Public Trips

 24May-Charter  24May-charter2
 24May-Ducks  24May-Swans  24May-Waitrose

Corportate Evening out 23 July 2014 

 The Outside Clinic

"We all had  a wonderfully  relaxing evening and thank the Crew
for their very attentive service. 
It’s really great that there is such a wonderful opportunity
to sample life in the slow lane so close to the centre of Swindon"
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 P1011146  P1011157  P1011169
 P1011173  P1011176  P1011178

Mike Lang moves to Devon

Canal Postcard-1000In June Mike  Lang wrote his last report for  Dragonfly – the Magazine -  before moving to Devon.

Public trips started on Sunday 13th April and since that time we have operated Dragonfly for  trips on each Saturday and Sunday. In addition we have carried groups on various “official” trips and  charters. As I write this report, we have carried a total of 185 passengers (not including children) and raised over £1100,  and so with good weather this will be a very successful summer season. We have also been asked to accept pre-booking for some Santa Trips, because some of our summer passengers were upset that they were unable to join us as for the last 2 years we were fully booked  within days of starting the advertising.

The new store at Waitrose has also raised our profile because each time the DRAGONFLY passes the store Waitrose customers ask the store welcome staff about her, and indeed the staff have started to hand out both Joining and Canal Trip Leaflets.

We now await the construction of a Landing Stage at the Waitrose site and the Boat Team feel that business will substantially increase when we are able to embark and disembark passengers at the store.

It would be good to offer weekday shopping trips from Kingshill to Waitrose (indeed if we started early enough we could offer staff transport to work (yes - some walk the towpath to work).

With all these extra trips we would welcome some more volunteers both as Crew and as Skippers. There will be a course later in the year, so anyone wishing to train for the CCBM Certificate should please email  the Boat Team

This will, however, be my last BOAT report as Teresa and I are moving down to Devon. It has been a privilege to look after DRAGONFLY for the last two years and I trust that my successor will have as much enjoyment from the task as I have done.

I look forward to returning to Swindon to embark on the first cruise from Kingshill  under Mill Lane to Wichelstowe (hopefully early in 2015).


M A Lang

Group-1000So on Wednesday 2nd July the Boat team gathered on Bruce Trust boat Diana to say thank you to Mike and Teresa for all they had done for Dragonfly – the boat. They were presented with a oil painting of Dragonfly coming through Skew Bridge shown above. Mike and_Mike_on_Diana-1000The artist was Mike Pattenhall who the week before had repainted the actual Dragonfly after all the wear and tear are of her Swindon trips.

It was a wonderful evening spent in the sunshine on the Kennett & Avon with a rare chance for the Boat Team to meet up and share an excellent supper. 

Postcards of the painting are now available - please contact the Boat Team