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nb Dragonfly back in Swindon after Melksham River Festival
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 09:16
10th September  Dragonfly is back in Swindon after her adventures at The River Festival  at Melksham.  


Protecting the Pavement




Mind that Lampost


Almost there



Not quite a splash


She is home !!- Rob in the white hard hat

The Independent Melksham News"First ever Melksham River Festival hailed a huge success"

Read article in The Melksham Independent News

Boatmaster Robert Yeowell said, "We were delighted that so many people
wanted the chance to experience this beautiful river and its wildlife
from the water. Some were lucky enough to see a kingfisher, heron or even
a bird of prey, as well as the local moorhens, coots, swans and ducks.
Any visitors who were disappointed not to get a trip at Melksham,
will be very welcome at Kingshill Swindon once Dragonfly is
returned to her usual berth." 
Photo from The Melksham Independent News Wednesday 10th September


Click here to read report and photos on the Melksham River Festival 
26th August Dragonfly has been lifted out of the Wilts & Berks Canal and taken to Melksham.  
 DSC00987-1000  DSC00998-1000  DSC01003-1000
DSC01004-1000  DSC01006-1000

 Complete Dragonfly_Flight-1000


Swindon Advertiser 

27 August 2014


Read the article on line


Comments from the Swindon Advertiser

I'm glad she'll get to be with other
boats for a bit. She seems a little
lonely up on the canal never seeing
any other boats. All the more
reason to get the restoration
process completed 
Swindon will be a better town for it. 
Believe me !

Redhouse Red

They've done a superb job
with the canal.  It' really is
something for the town
to be proud of.
Well done to all concerned



IMAG0228-1000  P1030572-1000


Above and below Dragonfly being steamed cleaned at Thamesdown Transport Ltd
IMG 5874-1000   IMG 5887-1000  IMG 5892-1000
 DSCN3749-1000  DSCN3754-1000  DSCN3757-1000
Above - Arrival at Cooper Tyre & Rubber Co
IMG 5905-1000   IMG 5906-1000  IMG 5910-1000
Gentle lift into the River Avon
DSCN3761-1000   IMG 5916-1000  IMG 5922-1000
 IMG 5923-1000


The tree that was removed
at the last minute so that the
Festival can take place