Description & details of the top pictures

From left to right

1. The glorious White Horse. A looming presence through the Vale and what a backdrop the Downs and White Horse Hill at the peak of the range will be when cruising or walking along the canal in years to come. I can almost the feel the boat beneath my feet, the breeze rustling through the trees., and the splish splosh of water under the bow...kingfishers swooping across the water...kites overhead....not to mention the anticipation of mooring up and sampling all those lovely pubs in and around Uffington..only a short walk to the village!

2. This is a view looking west of the restoration of Childrey Wharf. The team spent a week camped out by the side of the canal re-building the wharf using the original bath stone, copious amounts of which were in the canal, along with the original rubbing stones and to top it off freshly manufactured concrete blocks. A fine effort and worth a look at.

3. A view looking west to the remains of Childrey Bridleway Bridge. The concrete culvert was put in in 1948. We know that because the builder wrote it in the wet cement. S J Ackrill & Son. The family still live locally. We hope to replace the culvert with a proper flat bridge ( for more information see other entries on the branch website)

4. My favourite view. Looking eastwards along the Childrey New Road section towards the restored wharf. Mike and his Monday Mob aka Tuesday team a wonderful job of keeping the sections of canal we have responsibility for neat and tidy with a rolling programme of care and maintenance. ( New volunteers always welcome)

5. Finally back to close to Childrey Bridleway Bridge where the team rest after a hard morning's labour.

Brian Stovold