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Work at Elm Farm Grove
In late March East Vale branch undertook footpath repair work on the towpath at the Elm Farm Section. The branch  had applied for funds from the Community Grant Scheme of the Vale of White Horse District Council. The Council very generously granted us £1000 to help repair this much used footpath which runs behind Grove Recreation Ground and is a useful link to between Wantage and Grove.
The Parish Council had also given us a grant of £500 which has been used to buy a second bench for the Elm Farm Section. Anyway, on a very cold, but bright Monday morning the volunteers from East Vale branch met by Grove Top Lock.   
Elm3We were soon taking delivery of two small dumpers and a mini-digger from TVE in Challow and all we then needed was the Type 2 Gravel ...all 48 tonnes of it. Needless to say it didn’t turn up all at once.
As planned in advance  Grundons delivered it in three separate loads which gave us about enough time to transport it along the towpath and then lay it in between deliveries.
With the superb turnout from the branch on the day we made good time and finished it in the late afternoon. By then we were already receiving compliments from passers by. 
Elm4The site for the new bench was located at the eastern end of the pound and it is planned to install it shortly. More on that when it happens.Eml2
I should add that the first bench, shown in one of the photos was bought with a community award from Waitrose Green token scheme.
 Since then with the vast April rainfall the section has filled with water and looks great!