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West Challow Footpath

New permissive footpath at West Challow to west of Silver Lane road bridge

The public footpath along from East Challow finishes at Silver Lane West Challow resuming a westerly route from near the village hall to cross the fields back to the canal near Childrey Wharf. However by courtesy of the landowners and with a grant from N-Power we have been able to create a permissive path from Silver Lane (i.e. the site of the canal bridge) along the tow path to the Childrey/West Challow Bridleway Bridge. (See separate article re the planned restoration of this bridge). Replacement fencing has been installed along the north side including behind the village cemetary. I am delighted to announce that the seat has now put into place overlooking the canal behind the cemetary.

In due course we will dredge through from Silver Lane to create a longer stretch of water, however, this will take time as in order to protect the wildlife it will have to be done gradually. We will also need to lower the siphon carrying the Childrey Brook under the canal (obviously with the necessary permissions) and without affecting adversely the water flow.

Interestingly enough Childrey Brook and the village road past the Church would appear to form the parish boundary and therefore despite is being nearer West Challow most of the canal is actually within Childrey Parish.

As a permissive rather than public footpath we will be closing it for at least one day a year to preserve the owners rights.

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2009 16:10