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Peterborough Arms Community Rooms to open Summer 2016
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 08:58

The Peterborough Arms at Dauntsey Lock is to reopen it's refurbished Community Rooms in Summer 2016.

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Various events are planned to celebrate the re-opening of the Community rooms including a WBCT bar-b-que,  canal open day etc.

F&L Latest News
Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:00
Foxham and Lyneham  Work Party Organiser (Woppo) Gordon Williams on the left and Deputy WPO Larry Finnegan on the right. They are holding the Pick of the Branches awarded to Foxham & Lyneham Branch for 2014.

PA signs-1000





Peterborough Arms - work starts 17th August

On Sunday 17th August more than 20 people joined a workparty, made up of Foxham & Lyneham Branch members
and the local residents of Dauntsey Lock, moved onto the Peterborough Arms site to try to make the pub look
more loved. In addition to the human contingent, there was a range of equipment from secateurs,
brooms and strimmers up to three tractors with mower, flail and hedge trimmer, a JCB and a dumper! 


Before Clean_up_056-1000

Before clean_up_41-1000

Before Clean_up_045-1000
The neglect can be seen in the above photographs of the front of the pub  and its garden 
After Clean
Later in the day the view from the roadside looked much better.
Unfortunately the previous owner removed all the signs
from the front of the pub before completion of the purchase,
something that has caused distress in the community
who regarded the signs as part of the pub's listed building status.


The garden underwent an even greater transformation
with ground that has been inaccessible for many years now back in use.
The community is waiting with bated breath for work to start inside the pub.

All the photographs are from Ray and Gillian Bond.

 After Clean_up_067-1000


PA  Draft Press Release3PA CompositeThe Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Saves the

Peterborough Arms at Dauntsey Lock

21 July 2014

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust has exchanged contracts with Wadworth Brewery for the purchase of the Peterborough Arms
at Dauntsey Lock in Wiltshire.
This historic pub is one of only two next to the canal in its entire length. 
It was closed by Wadworth in April 2013. Since then the Trust has been
in negotiations to buy it, and agreement has been reached.

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View the Provisional Proposals which are subject to the business plan and planning persmission. 




Wiltshire Business September 2014 (left)

Western Daily Press  22 July 2014

BBC News 23 July 2014 This is Wiltshire 26 July 2014

Swindon Advertiser 26 July 2014


New Appeal for the Dauntsey Lock Canal Centre

The Peterborough Arms at Dauntsey Lock closed in April and is for sale. The Trust has listed
the pub as an Asset of Community Value and has until the 28th December to put in a bid to
purchase it. The pub will form the heart of the proposed Canal Centre and with the purchase
or lease of the adjoining stretch of canal, we can run a trip boat, offer canoe/bike hire, have
a shop, café. We plan to use some of the rooms for meetings and an office. It is a one-off
chance to purchase a canal side pub on the Wilts & Berks and set up a centre such as this
with facilities that can be used by  the local community.


See the Appeal

letter from the

Acting Chairman  

and download the

 the Gift Aid Form 

for  further


or you can donate directly:

Appeal letter Gift Aid Form button-5 Banner-728x90  
  Letter from Chris Coyle
Gift Aid Form 
Donate on line
Text to Donate
 to Land Fund


DLCC Front coverDauntsey Lock Canal Centre - Loan Investment Appeal

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust is seeking loan funding to purchase the Peterborough Arms
and adjacent canal at Dauntsey Lock

This is not a donation appeal; this is a request for loan funding. The Trust plans to pay
interest on the loan, probably after an interest free period of 3-5 years, but the precise
details and figures are yet to be determined by the business plan and trading circumstances.


Click here to see the full appeal letter

7 Locks appeal successfully secures land purchase
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 00:00

28th August  2013


The Trust thanks  all  supporters for safeguarding the restoration of a
“spectacular” flight of locks.

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust recently issued an urgent appeal to  members after
an important stretch of the waterway was put up for sale. The appeal  was an
outstanding success and Co Secretary Chris Coyle  is delighted to confirm that
just  before the Bank Holiday weekend that the documents were signed  and
funds transferred to buy the land.




7locks3‘Seven Locks’, in the open countryside between Lyneham and Royal Wootton Bassett, was the
longest flights of locks along the entire length of the canal, lifting boats almost 18 metres on
their journey north to Swindon. It was overgrown and almost forgotten until Trust volunteers
donated thousands of hours to empty the canal bed of rubble and rubbish, clear the former
towpath, and begin the restoration of the original chambers.

But three acres of the land was recently put for sale and so the Trust urgently needed to find
£25,000 to purchase the half-kilometre stretch containing four of the locks so that it could continue
the restoration. An appeal to members led to an enthusiastic response which raised the money in
a matter of weeks – now the charity hopes to continue fundraising in order to breathe new life into
this whole section of the waterway.


Canal Bail_out_earns_thanks_b


Volunteer Kath Hatton said: “We have been delighted by people’s generosity in safeguarding the future
of this vital site. The Trust received more than 400 donations ranging in value from
£10 to £5,000, together with £2,500 from the Inland Waterways Association. Now that we’ve
secured the purchase of the land, any additional money will be used to support the ongoing
acquisition of other sections of the canal corridor to the north and south – hopefully including
the remaining locks in the flight.”

Kath added: “This is one of the most spectacular parts of the Wilts & Berks, passing through
beautiful countryside and surrounded by so much wildlife. Our work parties had already made
good progress thanks to the generous support of the former landowner, but we hope this
latest purchase will act as a catalyst to encourage more volunteers to join the campaign and increase the
pace of restoration. Future plans would include rebuilding the wharf walls, preparing pipe work for
back-pumping the water, and improving the towpath. Working together, we can restore an important
piece of our industrial heritage.”

Call Kath on (01380) 831231  Email

See BBC article -  even they get the name wrong !

See Swindon Advertiser article

Dauntsey Lock - Loan Investment Appeal
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 00:00

DLCC Front cover


Dear Member and Supporter,


I am conscious that we have made great demands recently on the dedication and generosity of our members.  The amount raised for the Seven Locks appeal, and the initial response to the Dauntsey Lock Canal Centre Appeal, have been heart-warming.  However I am writing to you again to ask for your help in an urgent appeal to make sure we acquire the Peterborough Arms.

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust is seeking loan funding to purchase the Peterborough Arms and adjacent canal at Dauntsey Lock, Wiltshire. Securing the freehold is crucial, and is phase 1 in the creation of a thriving and commercially viable, mixed use, waterside-side hub:


• Refurbished, destination pub, restaurant and café

• Visitor centre with the restored canal and lock acting as a tourist attraction

• Boat trips, canoe and cycle hire, and disabled access to the towpath

• Community (farm) shop, and possible microbrewery

• Wilts & Berks Canal Trust offices and meeting rooms

• A showcase project to accelerate the pace of canal restoration

The Trust has secured the listing of the pub as an Asset of Community Value and needs to act quickly to raise the £250,000 asking price.

We are working with external advisors to develop a viable business plan for the refurbishment, and implementation of the various revenue-generating business opportunities, post purchase. We expect this to be available soon but we need to act before then to secure the freehold. Initial advice indicates that this should be a viable venture, and that public funding should be available to help with the development.

Why invest

The Peterborough Arms is an historic Grade II listed building and has a long association with the adjacent Wilts & Berks Canal. This is a unique opportunity to combine the attractions of the canal and the Peterborough Arms to create an amenity and tourist attraction of choice in North West Wiltshire.

We hope to facilitate and encourage local partnerships and social enterprises.

There are a multitude of benefits including social wellbeing and health, collaboration, education, environment, employment and business creation, regeneration, and economic growth.

If we can deliver this project it will clearly demonstrate the Trust’s credibility to restore the whole canal. It will pave the way for the early restoration of the towpath, connecting the communities of Chippenham, Calne, Royal Wootton Bassett, and Swindon with a traffic-free trail.

The overall project will become a showcase for canal restoration and put this part of Wiltshire on the map. It will act as a catalyst to attract further support and funding for the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust.

Without this project, the pub will probably be converted into residential housing, resulting in this historic village pub and the canal lock-side being lost forever.

Your investment

This is not a donation appeal; this is a request for loan funding. The Trust plans to pay interest on the loan, probably after an interest free period of 3-5 years, but the precise details and figures are yet to be determined by the business plan and trading circumstances.

In the event that we do take up your loan offer, there will be a formal loan agreement setting out the terms and conditions.

The minimum investment is £1,000. Please contact us if you want to donate smaller sums.

If you have already donated £1,000 or more and wish to convert this into a loan, please contact us.

If 250 people invest £1,000 each or if 25 people invest £10,000 each we will reach our target. It is a big challenge, but a very achievable one.

Your loan will not secure any rights of ownership or occupancy.  All decisions relating to the Peterborough Arms will be taken by the Council of Management of the Trust.

When will I get my money back?

After the initial interest-free period, the Trust will consider the repayment of the loans, provided certain criteria and business conditions have been met.

Like all investments there are risks, and it is possible that you will not get back the money you lend.  However, your investment will be used to purchase a capital asset (a freehold property) that should maintain its value.

You should not offer money which you cannot afford to loan and which you might need back before the end of the interest free period. You should consider this a long-term investment with a social return. With interest rates so low, why not use some of your savings to make a huge difference to the local community, the canal restoration, and the environment.

The scheme is not protected by the FCA.

DLCC Appeal form 200


We are seeking your help to make this happen. So please join us if you can. Your decision to offer a loan will protect the future of the Peterborough Arms and the Wilts & Berks Canal for future generations.

Chris Coyle

Acting Chairman


Click here to download a printable version of this form


Peterborough Arms Dauntsey Latest News
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 00:00

September 21st  2013

A final chance to save Dauntsey Lock’s pub at canal -  Gazette & Herald Report

See Saturday's Article


July 30th 2013

Public meeting  about the future  of the Peterborough Arms Public House at Dauntsey LockDaunstey Arms_Poster

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust   would like to hear local views on the future of the Peterborough Arms
Public House.

Dauntsey Parish  Council has included this  item to  follow their normal meeting on Monday 5th August 
at 7.30pm in the hall of Brinkworth Earl Danby's CE Primary School The Green, Dauntsey, SN15 4HY
Please come along to  make your views known or if you  cannot  be there please  email your ideas to    


Contact Chris Coyle                    


June 29th 2013

IMG 2004Peterborough Arms listed as an Asset of Community Value

Great news!  The Trust has just been told that our application to list the Peterborough Arms
at Dauntsey Lock as an Asset of Community Value has been granted!  The pub was recently
closed by the owners Wadworth Brewery, who have applied for permission for a change of
use from licensed premises to private dwelling.  The Trust believes that the pub, one of only
two remaining canal-side pubs, can have a future as the focus of the canal in the area, as
well as being a focus for the community.


We now have a window of a few months to consider our next steps which could include
making an offer to buy the pub, and making something of it.  The Council of Management will be working on our plans,
in partnership with others who see the value of the pub as a social centre.

But the whole Trust and community will have to get behind the effort if we are to make a success of it. 
Contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, and offers of help.

Contact Chris Coyle

May 24th 2013

The Trust is seeking help to save the Peterborough Arms at Dauntsey Lock .

Wiltshire Council has just received a planning application to convert the Peterborough Arms Public House to a
private dwelling.
The Trust believes that this building should remain as a Public House as it will be one of the key attraction
alongside the restored canal. The Trust is currently applying for the building to become an asset of community value
It would help if there was a large response to the current planning application objecting to the change of use.
You can do this on line at at
  1. 13/01191 to  search for the application
New Tractor, hedgetrimmer and mower at Foxham
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 11:25


Luke Walker representing IWA, with Rachael Banyard from Wilts & Berks Trust, Foxham & Lyneham branch taking delivery from Sid Cowling of Cowling Agriculture Ltd of the tractor,  hedgetrimmer and mower grant aided by Awards for All and IWA


We have been working on the retoration of the Wilts & Berks canal around Foxham and Lyneham for the last twenty years using volunteers. However the more we restore the more difficult it gets to maintain the sections restored.


This had reached the point when we spent a lot of time keeping the towpaths and hedges tidy which could have been spent doing restoration works. It was therfore decided that doing this work mechanically would save a lot of time, and a decision was made to purchase a tractor with hedgetrimmer and mower to carry out this work.

We of course had then to raise the money and were fortunate to be given a grant by Awards for All and IWA to cover the cost of purchase.

Navvies Dig in for the Week
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 00:00

A group of dedicated canal enthusiasts from the Waterways Recovery Group, have spent the last week restoring the Seven Locks section of the Wilts and Berks Canal at Dauntsey. Twenty five volunteers worked over the weekend, with twenty staying on for the whole week. The group included 8 young people whose efforts on the project are counting towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Work party leader, Rachael Banyard said, "It's been a great week with a team of all ages and with a wide range of experience. The weather was kind and we only lost 2 hours to heavy rain. Everyone has worked hard, we're pleased with what we've achieved and some people have picked up new skills."

Work on the Seven Locks section was started 9 years ago and a lot has been achieved already. Some volunteers are skilled in operating excavators and driving dumper trucks so this means that serious engineering work is done to very professional standards, and experienced volunteers often pass on their skills to new comers who are interested.