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Chrisitan Malford Fete Report 13 July

Christian Malford_Fete_2013-1000Foxham & Lyneham Branch was represented at the Christian Malford Fete with tractor and marquee out in the hottest day this year. This was quite a large and well organised fete with plenty of interest for everyone, but that didn't diminish the interest shown in learning about the canal, its history and, most importantly, its future.

The day provided plenty of opportunities to explain what has already been achieved and the general restoration roadmap for the future. It also proved an ideal chance for the community to explain their feelings about the canal and its role for their village. Discussions on how the canal could potentially play a part in flood management was a common topic of conversation in addition to all the normally discussed positive attributes of canal restoration.

Chrisitian Malford -messy neighboursAs the day wore on the heat became almost unbearable, but our neighbours found a somewhat unconventional way to cool down...

We had a "petition" supporting the Trust's efforts to acquire the Peterborough Arms and open up the canal and towpath through Dauntsey Lock for public use. During the day the signatures filled several pages.

By the time to pack up we'd had several new members sign up and many membership forms taken away for further consideration. In addition, a number of volunteers came forward with a mix of skills that they were offering to help with the Trusts aims.

All in all, this was a great day out for everyone.

Dauntsey Feast 28 June 2013 Report

Dauntsey Feast (in celebration of the Feast of St James) was held in the grounds of Dauntsey Park House and adjacent to the church of St James the Great on the evening of Friday 28th June 2013. The tradition for the Feast over the last few years is that it rains… and this year was no exception, although nothing like last year.

DauntseyFeast4The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust display consisted of

Display boards showing restoration works over the length of the canal

A model of the proposed re-routing of Bowd's lane and new bridge to expose Lock 2 at Seven Locks

The tractor and mower purchased with Big Lottery and IWA funds and in regular use for towpath maintenance

DauntseyFeast2The tractor proved a magnet for children of all ages which enabled parents and older "children" to hear about the benefits of the restoration. Several visitors commented on how smart the tractor looked (it had a "wash and wax" before the event) and that it was being well looked after.

The display was busy throughout the evening with many expressing surprise that there was a canal in the area, despite the community name of Dauntsey Lock giving a slight clue!

The team will be out again at the Christian Malford Fete on 13th July.