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 MCC Events for 2016

National Praise for Pewsham Locks Project See flicwiltshire report


The meetings are now  held at the Melksham  Skills Centre, Melksham at 8pm on the first Tuesday of each month.         St Andrews is on the corner of St. Andrews Road and Church Lane in the Forest area of Melksham (SN12 7EF).             The hall is on the Church Lane side of the church yard, accessed from the pavement.


Melksham Link Economic Benefits Study


The Wilts &  Berks Canal Trust,  Wiltshire Council, Melksham Town Council  and The Melksham Trust  have commissioned a study to  evaluate at the Economic Benefits  for the proposed Melksham Link  Waterway . The study  produced by Amec has now  been published and can be downloaded here.


Branch Projects

 The MCC branch has already restored sections of the canal


 Calne -Castlefields Park

The branch is working on a section of the canal to the south of Chippenham to restore a flight of locks, complete an arched bridge and re-water the canal

Pewsham Locks- Double Bridge

In addition there is an active team running boat trips at local events

Gazette & Herald 30th January 2015          Dirty Work at Pewsham


Melksham, Chippenham & Calne Branch Access Maps as at 31 December 2012

- how to get to the main parts of this section of the canal

If you would like to explore the canal route at Melksham, the trust has produced a walk leaflet: Melksham Walk