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Pewsham Lock
Please note that the canal in this area is not fully re-constructed and work is currently in progress to re-water below the locks. Access to the canal is via the cycleway.

As in all areas please ensure that when you a re visiting the area you keep to public footpaths at all timesPewsham Top Lock:

Pewsham Top Lock



There are three Locks that raise the canal by about 25 feet. to reach the level for the Chippenham branch. The locks are currently being prepared for restoration.

In the working life of the canal the area was a repair and maintenance depot and the structures include a dry dock and saw pit.

Although plainly visible the lock chambers were subject to some World War II military explosive practice and two of the three structures have been severely damaged

Pewsham Dpewshamdrylock_pewsham_300ry Dock