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Canal & River Trust Visit Wichelstowe
Saturday, 01 March 2014 00:00
The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust
was pleased to welcome
Canal & River Trust
Chief Executive Richard Parry
to Wichelstowe Swindon
on Friday 28th Feb
to find out more about
the restoration plans for the canal.
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Kath Hatton , Chris Coyle  and Ken Oliver were pleased to welcome Richard Parry the newly appointed
Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust. 
In weather that we have become all too familiar with this winter we toured the canal at East Wichel
followed by a whistle stop reconnoitre of the route into the town centre.
We hope that this visit will lead to further co-operation with CRT to deliver the Wilts & Berks restoration
as an important part of a new southern canals network.
The Bayberry Public House was our temporary site office for the day as the morning meeting
with Richard was swiftly followed by a meeting with the new Wichelstowe Waitrose manager Simon Adkins.
Waitrose are pleased to have their newest store (opening April) located on the canalside
and are keen to work with WBCT to explore activity on the water.
Chris not only ended the week in Swindon but started there too with further discussions with the branch team
about the new canal and the proposed project to link East Wichel canal to Westleaze
( Wichelstowe Link) at the earliest opportunity. 

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