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The Construction of Wichelstowe Landing Stage
Saturday, 04 July 2015 00:00
The pictures below show the construction stages of the landing stage at Waitrose Wichelstowe
Right The Duchess of Cornwall naming Dragonfly on 9th September 2009 
 2010-09-08 001
4 July_2-1000 At Landing_Stage_4_July-1000 4 July_3-1000
Saturday 4th July 2015. One week before the inauguration
Trainee Skipper Dawn brings Dragonfly alongside the Landing Stage at Waitrose for the first time  
WP 20150628_002-1000 Sunday 28th June 2015 WP 20150628_001-1000
waitrose Landing_Stage_Sat_20_June15-1000

 Saturday 20th June 2015

The Landing Stage at Waitrose
is being constructed and Dragonfly
will be departing from there
from the middle of July
View from_Coffee_Shop
Work at_Waitrose_1

                      May 2015

The first part of works for the new trip boat departure point at the
Waitrose store Wichelstowe Swindon has just begun.
WBCT volunteers are carrying out piling works before a local contractor
completes the landing stage and lays the paths to the car park.
The design will allow full disabled access to trip boat Dragonfly which has lift
access. Works are scheduled to be completed by the end of June
with an official opening in July.
Heron at_Waitrose

Whatever is happening on the canal

Henry the Heron is always there !!

Work at_Waitrose_2

April 2015

Planning consent was granted on the 8th April after many  changes to meet all the council’s requirements.  We have to fulfil a few conditions relating to the protection of existing trees and new planting before starting construction.  However, we are almost ready to go and expect to appoint a contractor soon. 

The landing stage next to the new Waitrose store will enable us to start our narrow boat trips from there.  The location is much easier to access than our present landing at Westlease, specially for users with restricted mobility.  Eventually a new district centre, and we hope a pub, will be built on the opposite bank.  We have designed the landing stage to high standard so that it blends well with this high profile position.