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Council leader gives support to canals return
Thursday, 01 June 2006 00:00

SWINDON will return to being a canal town under a plan being pursued by council leader Roderick Bluh.

Kingshill Bridge


Coun Bluh wants the council to investigate the feasibility of restoring the canal that used to pass through the centre of the town.

In a plan to be debated next month, Coun Bluh will be calling on the council to "commit the council to investigate the feasibility, both practically and financially, of the restoration of a canal through central Swindon, which we believe would be a major boost to town centre regeneration".

The canal plan, which would link the existing canalways, is one of the ideas contained in the "Transforming Swindon" document that Coun Bluh (Cons, Dorcan) says adds more detail to the council's 50 Promises manifesto.

The council is also to investigate holding a regular festival and sports competition to follow the success of the Corporate Games and put up electronic noticeboards and banners through the town to broadcast upcoming cultural events.

The council also wants to put up posters throughout the town to communicate its doings.

Important council meetings would be broadcast over the internet, while the council leader would join an internet chatroom twice a month to discuss council issues.

Coun Bluh said the council would launch a "comprehensive, unified" recycling and waste strategy to take the borough above national targets, as well as adopting the findings of a renewable energy taskforce expected to report by March next year.

Coun Bluh said the council was working urgently to get design codes to give the town more control over what is built in the borough.

"We are determined to push the boundaries for Swindon to ensure that we do once again become a destination of choice not just for business but also as a place to live and play," Coun Bluh said.

"We believe that the proposals contained in this document combined with the update on our 50 Promises demonstrate our commitment to the transformation of our borough to ensure Swindon becomes one of the best places to live, work and play.

"This is an extremely exciting and challenging time for Swindon.

"For the first time in many years, wherever you look within our borough you will see major change and improvements taking place. This is a great opportunity for Swindon which we intend to seize for the benefit of all our residents."

(Reprinted with permission of the Evening Advertiser)