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Canal Floods at Westleaze 8th May 2006
Monday, 08 May 2006 00:00

A sudden and massive influx of water at Westleaze saw the canal overflow last week.

A disused pipe which had been "capped" some time ago was reopened by the pressure of water. Thanks to Swindon Borough Council and the branch members the crisis is over - and with water levels back up the canal is back to its old levels.

Floods in Westlease 2006


Plans to tackle leaks at Westleaze 8th May 2006

Three of the Trust Directors met with the Chair of the Swindon Branch to assess the largest of the leaks at Westleaze. This is situated between Beavens bridge and the M4 and is possibly due to tree roots penetrating the clay lining of the canal wall. A plan of action was agreed and will be discussed with Swindon Borough Council who have already agreed to tackle the issue with the Trust.

At present, we are waiting to approve the plans from a wildlife and environment stance before making repairs over a weekend