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Projects that are taking place around the Swindon Branch area:

Moulden Hill
More than one kilometre of the North Wilts Branch from Swindon to the Thames at Eisey forms the southern boundary of the Mouldon Hill Country Park.   It provides a walking route along the towpath from the bridge at Purton Road / Thamesdown Drive to the west end of the park.  This section was restored some years ago but it has a long history of engineering problems and needs further work to reduce leakage and stabilise the hillside above it. Work over the next few years is being planned which will see it fully completed and ready for small boats, including bringing the lock into operation.  The canal is now inhabited by Great Crested Newts, a protected species, and so the first stage is to devise a plan to provide them with a safe haven and then gain a licence from Natural England to capture and relocate them.  This process and actually removing them will take up most of 2013.
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Wichelstowe Development

Wichelstowe Site MapThe area to the south of Swindon is currently being constructed as a community called Wichelstowe. Bordered by the M4 to the south, Croft Road to the east, and the railway to the west, much of the infrastructure is now being built including the canal.

During 2010 the first new lock on the main line of the canal will be built to west of Croft Road and the canal is currently being constructed.

When Wichelstowe is completed over 4km of canal will be restored or newly constructed. The route to Wootton Bassett follows a new alignment towards junction 16 before turning south to a new proposed culvert under the M4.

More information about the Wichelstowe Development can be found on their website:

Progress so far

As of July 2010 this is how the lock at the centre of the development is looking.

Wichelstowe Lock July 2010

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