Branches Swindon Reports
Chairman Rod Hacker's monthly Reports

Branch Meetings

Regular meetings of the branch will be held in the David Howell room at Broome Manor Golf Club on the first Tuesday of each month.  - see calendar for details.   

Our branch meetings are open to all members to contribute to the discussions and planning of activities.  Please come along and help us to expand our activities.

In recent months we have raised the profile of the trust by taking our display tent to the Swindon Duck Race, Old town Festival, Liddington Village fete and the regional Brownines’ event on the canal side at Wichelstowe.  We have more exposure planned but need more helpers to come forward – again see our calendar.  We are also moving forward with our plans to engage more with members, but we need your email address.  If you don’t get emails from the branch please send your address to Email

We have not had the resource to plan social events for members, if you would like to see some social events please tell us.

Development around Swindon is booming again and we are struggling to keep up with all the opportunities and threats tour ambitions.  We have several schemes in development, please see the links below and tell us if you come across any others that we should know about.


Wichelstowe developments Project

P4100049Our Dragonfly boat trips have become a popular site at the new Waitrose store.  We are planning to construct a landing stage there with the co-operation of the store, starting soon.  

We are also working on the scheme to bring forward within the Wichelstowe development timescale the link section of canal between the existing lengths at Waitrose and East Wichel.

Dragonfly - the Boat - At Waitrose


Mouldon Hill Project

The next major project in the Swindon Area will be completion of the restoration of the canal by Mouldon Hill Country Park. Over a two year period we will clean out the canal, repair the leaks, construct a new bridge and restore the lock to working condition. We will be doing the work with volunteers and particularly need more people to help with the environmental improvement tasks.

We have completed the environmental surveys, prepared a mitigation plan and now submitted the planning application.  Before we start restoration we have to trap and relocate the great crested newts to new ponds nearby. We also have to prepare new reed beds for the rare birds that will be displaced from the canal bed.  We plan to start work later this year but first we have to get a European Protected Species licence from Natural England.

We need people to help construct and monitor the newt fencing, trap and translocate the newts, plant the new ponds and maintain them until well-established with conditions suited to newts for breeding.

If you would like to help with these tasks or the other construction tasks, or can suggest people or organisations that can help, or want more information on the project please contact the Rod Hacker by Email or 01793 347715