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Other Projects

We have several projects in the early stages of development along the lines defined by the Swindon Local Plan 2026, which gives a strong measure of support and protection to the future of the canal.  We would love to have the whole route fully designed but are restrained by the resources available.  Sometimes we have to start work to respond to other developments.  Projects at an early stage of development include the following.

Eastern Swindon

The planned Eastern Villages scheme for new housing together with the proposed access road will affect much of the canal route from the crossing under the A419 near junction 15 to Acorn Bridge on the A420.  This is a complex area with considerable drainage and flooding problems for the existing and new developments.  Outline schemes are being drawn up for discussion with other involved parties.

Moredon & Cheney Manor

This section of the North Wilts line south of the Purton Road crossing at Mouldon Hill will be affected by the proposed Thamesdown Drive Extension and redevelopment of the Cheney Manor industrial area.  We are in the very early stage of looking at our options for this section.

Blackhorse Way

The short length of canal including one lock immediately east of Blackhorse Way bridge (this is the new distributor road parallel to the motorway through Wichelstowe) is a section which is not expected to be affected by any further development at Wichelstowe and so is open to us to prepare for its construction.

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