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Breathing Places - River Ray Valley Moredon

This project is clearing the towpath on a derelict in-filled section of the canal to allow access to the area as part of the BBC/Big Lottery Fund Breathing Places. River Ray Valley, Moredon, Swindon: Breathing Places - Towpath and canal bed restoration.

This project is heading towards completion in June 2009. The project was awarded £10,000 of funding from the "Breathing Places" project which was set up by the BBC and the Big Lottery Fund to encourage more people to get involved in out door activities. The towpath is now completely open after decades of neglect had allowed bramble growth to obscure it. Further work is going ahead using machinery to dig out part of the canal bed. The project team is hoping it will fill with water so that visitors can get a real sense of the original canal site. One of the locks has been exposed and the project needs to make decisions on how to leave the site at the end of the project, taking account of safety and at the same time leaving as much of the historical structure on view for walkers to enjoy. To get the best out of the funding on this project most of the work has been done by volunteers with the funding reserved for professional wildlife surveys, specialist tools and support for the volunteers. Now the path is cleared, a leaflet on local walks will be published covering the Moredon section and a nearby walking route at Mouldon Hill.

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