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Waterway Recovery Group Camp at Shrivenham

18th July, 2013

WRG returned to West Vale to continue work on Steppingstone Bridge with a full camp of 18 people. No wonder it was popular, it was just like a Mediterranean holiday - blue skies from dawn to dusk, temperatures in the 80s, golden sand, warm water and accommodation with a not-so-mini-bar!

A pity then that there was work involved and that the sand had to be mixed with cement and that the water, though warm, was rather muddy and had to be pumped out from under the bridge. Notwithstanding these hardships, the team got stuck into repointing parts of the parapet walls and cut and fixed substantial coping stones to one wall. Plus they shifted lots of the muck from under the bridge, rebuilt a stone wing wall and repaired brickwork on the invert under the arch.

At the end of the week, the results of the group's effort can clearly be seen and the bridge is a step closed to completion thanks to Bob Crow and his team.

Site prior to WRG campSite prior to WRG campSite prior to WRG campPumping out

Shifting the sludgeRepointingRebuilding the wing wallWall complete

Repairing the brickworkFinishing the coping stones

  5th July, 2013


Waterway Recovery  Group  start week long work camp at  Shrivenham

The Trust  welcomes members of the Waterway  Recovery Group  who  start a week long work camp on Saturday 6th July.

The volunteers  from all over the country  will be carrying out  work  on the final  parts of reconstruction of Steppingstones Lane Bridge which carries a bridleway over the  canal  near Shrivenham. Work will include installation of the coping stones on the bridge parapet  and re-construction on the approach wing walls.

The images show a recent inspection of the site by Trust Directors  in preparation for the work camp.