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BT Volunteers Get the Right Number at West Vale

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Organised via colleagues in Swindon Branch, West Vale hosted a large work-party for 25 volunteers from BT's Customer Experience Improvement departments who were converging on Swindon, from across the country, for a team event. Many had spent hours travelling before donning wellies, etc. and being put to work at the Shrivenham Canalside Park. 2011_11_29_BT-01


The morning was blustery and cold, just the weather for cutting back the willow regrowth in the canal by the park and clearing the scrub from ditches around the park.




2011_11_29_BT-2 2011_11_29_BT-3

The very dry weather this year has resulted in an unusual absence of water in both canal and ditches, so making now the ideal time for clearance work.







Another group retrieved debris from the ponds, removed an old fence and repaired another.





A third group started to tackle the scrub on the banks of an as yet unrestored length of the cut.

At lunchtime the threatened rain started, blowing horizontally. Most of the team then disappeared for lunch but not this group, spurred on by having spent hours in a car on the M25 and although getting rather wet, they worked on until their team-mates returned; just as the rain was easing!


A final hour, for the whole team, saw completion of the clearance of 100m of ditch to the north of the park and a large warming bonfire.


Thank you BT, please call again!