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A List of Structures and Features

The West Vale Section - East to West - Location and Status

For a detailed description of the current condition of our canal sections and structures please see our article
A Canter Through The West Vale Canal Section.


 1) Road Bridge (SU313897) (Uffington Arch Bridge)
On the Uffington to Baulking Road, completely infilled, will have to be rebuilt.
2) Uffington Gorse
Adjacent to the road bridge, owned by the Woodland Trust and open to the public.
3) Lift Bridge (SU310903) (Mundys Bridge)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
4) Lift Bridge (SU308902) (Thatcher's Bridge?)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
5) Canal Section - Uffington Loop and Mundy's Bridge (SU307903)
This very attractive section is still in good condition. Mundy's old lift bridge is next to a new footpath bridge. Good public right of way from the village and along the canal.
6) Culvert (SU302898) (Rosay Brook)
The aqueduct still remains although it has been holed to drain the canal into the brook.
7) Road Bridge (SU300897) (Uffington Wharf Bridge)
On the Fernham to Uffington Road. The bridge no longer exists, the canal will have to be rerouted here to avoid houses and a new bridge built.
8) Lift Bridge (SU294900) (Gerrines Bridge?)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
9) Lift Bridge (SU289897) (Mattingly's Bridge?)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
canalstructuresvert10) Lift Bridge (SU285894) (Kinghams Bridge?)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
11) Culvert (SU284893) (Cowleaze Farm)
A large brick culvert still in satisfactory condition.
12) Railway Crossing (SU282894)
The original bridge was filled in when the railway line was upgraded, a new tunnel will be required.
13) Lift Bridge (SU279895) (Forty's Bridge?)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
14) Lock (SU278895) (Longcot Bottom Lock)
Some remains of Longcot Bottom Lock and its tail bridge can still be seen from the road.
15) Lock & Road Bridge (SU274893) (Longcot Top Lock)
Totally buried, so the condition of this lock is completely unknown. Old Wharf Road will cross on the tail bridge.
16) Lift Bridge (SU268893) (Little Bridge)
New bridge required for a public right-of-way.
17) Culvert (SU267893)
At the junction of Longcot Arm, in poor condition.
18) Canal Section - Longcot Arm
This section is clear and in water. Some restoration work has taken place here, but further work needs to be carried out in the future. A very attractive area, with some public access.
19) Road Bridge (SU268901) (City Bridge)
Road bridge on Longcot Arm, maintained by OCC. No longer required.
20) Great Western Community Forest
The Community Forest project extends to Longcot and incorporates the canal.
21) Road Bridge (SU260889) (Bowles Bridge)
On the Shrivenham to Compton Beauchamp Road. The original lift bridge is long gone and infilled, and probably will have to be reinstated as a modern lift bridge.
22) Culvert (SU259888)
Exists but in poor condition.
23) Farm Accommodation Bridge (SU253884) (Chaplewick)
New bridge required to a new holding.
24) Aqueduct and Spill Weir (SU249885) (Tuckmill Brook)
There is still a wide stream here, but the original 7-feet diameter brick aqueduct no longer exists. Scrub clearing and general renovation work has taken place along the stretch towards Stainswick Lane. It is an easy and pleasant walk. Plans for a new culvert to replace the aqueduct have been made and approved by VWHDC & EA. Funding circa £30,000 required.
Immediately to the west of the aqueduct on the north side of the canal are the remains of what is believed to be a spill weir.
25) Savernake Brake
A private copse on the non-towpath side of the canal. There is no public access.
26) Syphonic culvert (SU243883)
Adjacent to the Canalside Park, built 1991.
27) Canalside Park & Slipway (SU243882)
The canalside park was created when the local Branch had the opportunity to buy the land. The infilled canal was dredged with the spoil forming the mound, saplings were planted, ditches and ponds cleared, paths laid. A slipway was constructed and also a car park. In 2000 a new path was laid between the Canalside Park and the public footpath north of the cemetery. (See the restoration page for more details).
28) Road Bridge (SU243882) (Stainswick Lane)
Adjacent to the Canalside Park. This will have to be reinstated. A design for a new lift bridge has been prepared, approved by VWHDC and costed at £120,000+.
29) Canal Section - Stainswick Lane to Station Road
Our first restoration site. To the west, the canal is in water to within 100 yards of the Shrivenham Arch Bridge. The towpath is stone layered and an easy walk to Station Road.
30) Shrivenham Wharf
Shrivenham Wharf was not only used for the transfer of cargoes but also contained stables with fresh horses to pull the narrow boats. The largest of which were seventy feet long, seven feet wide and carried up to thirty-four tons. The stone wall by the road is the old back wall of the stable. The towpath changed sides over the Arch Bridge so that it could pass the Longcot Branch, which went to the north, without the need for a further bridge. It then crossed back at Longcot Top Lock to pass the Wantage Branch which lies to the south side.
31) Road Bridge (SU237879) (Shrivenham Arch Bridge)
This bridge on the B4000 (also referred to as Station Road or Marlborough Road Bridge) is the only original arch road bridge still in daily use on the W&B. It is also a Grade II listed building - click here for details. 1978 saw the very first Amenity Group work party clearing rubbish and debris from beneath the arch.
32) Bridleway Bridge (SU234880) (Steppingstone Lane Bridge)
A new bridge was required here as the original was demolished around 1950. This was our first major structural restoration. Preparatory work began in 1999. (See the restoration page for full details).
33) Canal Section - Shrivenham Arch Bridge to Bourton Road
This section was heavily and irregularly silted up. Initial dredging work, in 1995, enabled this section to be drained so that Steppingstone Bridge could be rebuilt. Currently the section is in water, held back by a dam near Bourton Wharf.
34) Road Bridge (SU226879) (Dr. Coster's Bridge)
Close to Bourton Wharf. The canal is now crossed twice by new roads, constructed when the Shrivenham bypass was built. The new culverts are too small for navigation, so the canal will need to be rerouted to the south and a new bridge built for Bourton Road.
35) Bourton Wharf
The Wharfinger's cottage still exists by the side of the A420 at the Shrivenham / Bourton junction. Once rerouted to cross the Bourton Road, the canal will no longer pass the wharf, however, the redundant canal length beside the A420 might be used for off-line mooring.
36) Culvert (SU223877)
For Bishopstone Brook, the original has been destroyed.
37) Lift Bridge (SU220875) (New Bridge)
New bridge required for access to a mobile telephone mast.
38) Railway Bridge (SU218874) (Acorn Bridge)
The canal once passed beneath the left-hand arch (when looking west) but now this section is part of the A420. Major re-routing will be required here with a new tunnel under the railway. (Correctly called Hackern Bridge but now commonly known as Acorn Bridge. Originally, Acorn Bridge referred to the A420 road bridge over the River Cole)
39) Lift Bridge (SU218874) (Earlsgate Bridge?)
New bridge required to farm and caravan site.
40) Aqueduct (SU215873) (River Cole)
The original aqueduct no longer exists, so a new one may be required when a new route has been finalized under the railway and westwards towards Swindon through the proposed Earlsgate Development.