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Tackling the weeds in the waterway at Wootton Bassett



September 2011 saw the Wootton Bassett work party starting an attack on the weed growth in the canal at Templars Firs. The weed cutting boat was brought from Swindon and John and Arthur set out to forge a path through the fringed water lilies. The rest of the team used rakes on ropes to drag the vegetation onto the bank.BobMikeVegetation-1000


The next stretch is more of a challenge. There is dense grass-like weed. It is floating, but the sheer mass of vegetation calls for a new way of working concentrating more on lifting than cutting.



The first 500 or so metres now looks cared for and like a proper canal.


Unfortunately after two Wednesdays, work had to stop. A film on the water and a smell continued, and Wessex Water felt it might be a health risk to work on the weed. We wait for it to clear before carrying on.