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No 4 Dragonfly Aug 1978



Editorial includes comments on the Government's rejection of a report urging improvement to the Waterways

The Secretary's Report describes the favourable results of the IWALK, both financially and contact with farmers. Also further work at Kingshill and contact with Shrivenham Parish Council were reported. The group outing to Crofton Beam engine was mentioned. Separate article on page 6.

IWALK - an article by a 14 year old Carol Gray on their walk from Abingdon to Grove. £300 was raised by 35 walkers.

News from Wootton Bassett included an exhibition in the Youth Centre and a successful IWALK resulting in favourable contact with the Parish Council.

News Items: Work on the Calne branch : Near completion of the Cambria Bridge (shown on the front cover): A colourful "canal race" by Thamesdown school children.

Diary of Events from August to October 1978

Weekender: An article on the canal in the Swindon Evening Advertiser is referred to on page 8. (You can view the article in the Newspaper Archives 1970 - 1979 here.)

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