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No 10 Dragonfly April 1980

DF010_Apr80_1Editorial concentrates on the  successful sponsored digs on March 1st & 2nd and  on March 30th. The canal is back in water with hopes for a canoeing event in July.

Wootton Bassett; The Town Council are to appeal against the County's rejection of the Templars Firs Project. Work has been started, however, on clearing the old towpath.

Secretary's Report: Unfortunately fly-tipping of soil has postponed progress on the lift bridge project at East Callow. Gratitude is expressed for the co-operation of the Oxfordshire CC at Shrivenham and it is hoped that detailed surveys on W&B Oxfordshire locks and canal can be carried out in 1980. Survey work at Dauntsey Lock continues and investigations are being carried out on the canal line in the Calne area.

A Haven of Wildlife is an article on  the old derelict W&B canal in February 1977

Worksites: An up to date list is given




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