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No 101 Dragonfly Summer 2006

Dragonfly101_Sumr06_title-105Cover Photo; Kingshill restored section, Swindon Photographer Richard Bellamy

The editorial sums up a number of important events in the past quarter

Chairman's report; In his first report, the new Chairman, John Laverick introduces himself and calls on members to be active in anyway they are able.

Chief Executive's report; Ken Oliver explains something of his new post and outlines various plans and projects in hand.  He notes the visit of the IWA Narrowboat 'Jubilee' to Canal Walk on July 4th. This is her 3rd countrywide voyage campaigning for restoration projects as part of IWA's Diamond Jubilee .

Trust welcomes Royal Patron; A short piece on the Duchess of Cornwall becoming patron of the Trust

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No 102 Dragonfly Autumn 2006

Dragonfly102_Aut06_title_105Cover Photo; Abingdon Junction Opening with insert picture of Ribbon Cutting Photographgers Graham Smith & Doug Small

Partnership News: This includes details of the Jubilee Junction celebrations and news of the progress of the Lottery bid which has reached the final stages and has already produced a £250,000 Award. a water resources report is to be produced in connection with the Lottery Bid. N Wilts have commissioned a consultation exercise to demonstrate Community support.  The final Melksham report is expected in a few weeks  and the route to the south and the K&A junction is known.

Around the Branches Reports from along the line.  These include from Foxham & Lyneham the completion of Lock 3 chamber (Seven Locks). An engineering study is underway which looks at the route from Chaddington Lane, past the landfill site in the Wootton Bassett area.   The River Key aqueduct at Cricklade has been completed.  In  West Vale work is going ahead on the reconstruction of Steppingstones Bridge. At East Vale the big story is the Jubilee Junction

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No 103 Dragonfly Winter 2006

Dragonfly103_Win06_ttile_105Cover Photo; The Canal in water at Wootton Bassett : Richard Bellamy

The Chairman's Report speaks of discussions recently held with Derek Cockrane, Regeneration Director of British Waterways.  The Chairman has also had a meeting with the Swindon and Cricklade Railway which is the Trust's principal partner in the Cricklade Country Way Partnership. Looking  to the future the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities have agreed to admit the W&B Trust as an Associate Member.

A Year at Pewsham; An account of the work of the Melksham, Calne & Chippenham Branch at the section of Canal from Pewsham locks towards Reybridge near Lacock.

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No 104 Dragonfly Spring 2007

Dragonfly104_Spr07_title_105Cover Photo; Construction work at Purton Road Bridge, Swindon (Gary Mason )

Chairman's report congratulates all those who assisted in getting to the target of 2006 members by the end of 2006.

Around the Branches: At Foxham & Lyneham work continues on Seven Locks. In the Wootton Bassett section the spillweir at Chaddington is well on the way to completion. In Swindon reference is made to the work at Moredon "the first part of the Canal all the way from Moredon to Cricklade via the Lottery bid (watch this space)". At Cricklade work to clear the floor at Hayes Knoll Lock is under way.

Letters to the Editor. These are from writers showing interest in various aspects of the Canal acivity. They include a reader who asks for map references to sites mentioned; a young school student who would like to do his Duke of Edinburgh award working on the canal; a walker who, seeing the work at Purton Road, now wishes to become a member.

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No 105 Dragonfly Summer 2007

Dragonfly105-Sum2007_100Cover Photo; 'Maiden Voyage' Jenny Stratton at Wootton Bassett Open Day  (Wootton Bassett Branch)

The Reports by the Chairman and the Chief Executive both contain much comment on the recently delivered Cricklade County Way Lottery Application.  The Chairman also oays tribute to recently retired Chaloner Chute, who has been project Officer for the Canal Partnership,

Easter Camp 2007: A description of the Camp which involved work at Seven locks and Steppingstones.

Bowood House Conference June 2007:  Members of the Partnership met in June at Bowood as guests of Lord Lansdowne. The day was aimed at showcasing the progress of the canal along its entire length.

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No 106 Dragonfly Autumn 2007

Dragonfly106_Aut07_title_105Cover Photo; Westleaze Swindon with a covering of weed ! (Richard Bellamy)

Chief Executive's report: Among other items this report looks at a number of proposals and projects in Swindon including the Town Centre

Abingdon has been re-activated as a separate branch

An appeal for any materials of interest to the Trust or its history

Letters to ( and replies from ) the Editor. Topics include; the Trust name; wildlife; the Canal route map; the W&B stand at Fairford; historical points on the Canal at Swindon

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No 107 Dragonfly Winter 2007/8

DragonflyNo107_Win07_title_600Cover Photo The Bonfire Bash 2007 at Moredon, Swindon (Gary Mason)

The Editor is very positive in spite of the Lottery Bid being unsuccessful. "If anything, people are more determined to make the Cricklade County Way happen." It also mentions the reactivation of the Abingdon Branch and the opening of the Trust Shop in Regent Street.

The Chairman notes that although the Lottery bid was not successful "the £250,000 development grant shared with our partners has moved us on by a tremendous amount". Among other advances cited is the publication of the Route Selection Report for Melksham

The Chief Executive reports continuing plans for the Cricklade County Way and the recent "Bonfire Bash" at Moulden Hill officially signalling the start of the project.

Around the Branches: Melksham, Calne & Chippenham branch reminds the reader of the several hundred metres of restored Canal at Calne, where annual boat trips are held. Steady progress is being made at Seven Locks in the Foxham & Lyneham section. At West Vale good progress on the Steppingstone Bridge restoration is being made. Apart from various work activities, East Vale reports that the lease over the stretch of the Canal at Childrey has now been completed.

Making the difference to Swindon Town centre: An article by Ken Oliver, Cheif Executive, of a proposal currently being examined of a Canal route from Kingshill to central Swindon.

WRG Bonfire Bush; A description of 145 navvies working at 5 sites.

No 108 Dragonfly Spring 2008

DragonflyNo108_Spr08_Title_600Cover Photo Anglers at Beavens Bridge (Richard Bellamy)

Pewsham benefits from growing support. Supporters contributed more than 3,000 hours of free labour in 2007. It is believed that such labour would have cost more than £35,000 if paid contractors had been used

Around the branches; Melksham, Calne & Chippenham has a piece on a visit by a ITV Crew to see the effects on the Pewsham to Lacock section which produced a "thoughtful and well balanced report" Concerns about Dunnington aqueduct at Wootton Bassett have promted work to be directed to that site. Permission for work parties at Dunnington has been granted to the end of March and some clearance work has already been done. The Swindon report includes information on the newly opened Trust Shop. East Vale gives information about 4 guided walks to be run as part of the Wantage Summer Festival.

No 109 Dragonfly Summer 2008

DragonflyNo109_Sum08_Title_600Cover Photo Latton Basin from junction bridge. Foreground, the filled aqueduct over the Mill Leat. Background, Basin Cottage and entrance to regulating Lock ( Doug Small)

Chief Executive's Report; This includes news that District Councils in Wiltshire will be merged into a single Unitary Authority. From April 2009 Wiltshire Council will be the singe local Authority partner for the whole Canal west of Swindon. There will be a need to secure the new Council's political support. Plans and proposals for Swindon are also discussed.

Easter Camp at Steppingstone Lane bridge. A detailed description of work on the bridge.

Around the Branches: A regular look at what's happening along the line. Apart from continuing work parties, participation in such events as Melksham Carnival and Chippenham Folk Festival is described in some detail. There is also a short article on a sponsored walk from Chippenham to Lacock. At Wootton Bassett the clearance task at Dunnington Aqueduct has been completed. Progress at the spillweir continues and details of the work are given.

No 110 Dragonfly Autumn 2008

DragonflyNo110_Aut08_Title_600Cover Photo Lock 4 complete (bar the wing walls) taken from lock 3 end ( Richard Bellamy)

Chairman's Report: Includes the retirement of the Membership Director, Christ Toms later this year, and the process of choosing a successor. He applauds Eileen McEever, the Environment Agency Representative on the W&B Partnership, for her contribution to the success of the Abingdon Junction.

The Chief Executive writes of completions and future challenges in the restoration process. He thanks Roy Cartwright, Keith Walker and their team who have been running the information centre in Swindon, It is stressed that the new centre is about the whole Canal project, not just Swindon.

Membership is now 2103

Around the Branches: Apart from repair and maintenance work at Melksham, Calne & Chippenham there have been a number of events generating interest and publicity. Branch members have also worked at Seven Locks.   Wootton Bassett have received a group of visitors from Hereford & Gloucester Canal.  At Swindon there has been a grant of £10,000 for clearance of the Canal bed and tow path at Cheney manor.  Cricklade have received a grant of £5000 towards restoring Hayes Knoll Lock.

Teenagers tackle canal restoration. Young Members of Melksham ATC Squadron have taken part in restoration work near Lacock, clearing undergrowth and canal bed to provide access for heavy machinery.