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No 11 Dragonfly Aug 1980

DF011_Aug80_1_600Editorial: Peter Boyce reports on his visit, with the Southern Canals Association, to the Basingstoke Canal under restoration.

Secretary's Report The result of Templars Firs Planning appeal is awaited. A new road has been authorised for construction crossing the Kingshill length and will leave it permanently isolated. Further survey work as been carried out at Dauntsey and restoration work may soon be possible on the canal itself.

Wootton Bassett report gives very interesting detail about Templars Firs planning appeal.

Calne Branch: Prospects appear good for restoration of a section of the canal leading out from Calne. Towpath clearance has already started. Historical details of the Calne branch are given.

2 Letters about the old North Wilts Canal are published


No 12 Dragonfly Dec 1980

DF012_Dec80_1Editorial A volunteer for the post of Archivist is sought

Diary Work, meetings etc to May 1980 are listed

Secretary's Report gives details of future activities and contacts on the Oxfordshire stretch of the canal. A Public Service broadcast on ATV requesting volunteers has received 30 replies, and the same announcement led to a landowner's permission for investigation. Work around Dauntsey continues.

This and That: A number of historical photographs and prints have come to the attention of the Editor.

Calne Branch: Progress continues towards the start of reconstruction on Lord Shelburne's section of the Canal. Interesting historical details are given of activities at the original opening of the Wilts & Berks canal.

Kingshill Project: Working parties on the canal (including schools and cubs) go from strength to strength.

Book Reviews are on "Narrowboats at work" and "Canals and their architecture"

Wootton Bassett Templar's Firs project still on ice

Insert of Minutes of AGM 27 September 1980 are shown below

No 13 Dragonfly April 1981


Press Coverage of the Calne Project is shown

Secretary's Report: Work at Shrivenham is now completed. The rubbish has now been cleared and the site left "to nature" until the time for restoration. Thanks are given to all the Councils etc involved for their support. Arrangements are forging ahead for restoration between Uffington and East Challow.

Calne Branch: Details are given of the work started at Chavey Well Bridge and the adjacent canal. Lessons are being learnt on negotiations with private landowners

Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council The work of this body and misgivings at its impending abolition are discussed in some detail.

Stop Press Insert "The Secretary of State has approved of the idea to develop Templar's Firs Wootton Bassett as an amenity area. More details in next Dragonfly issue "


No 14 Dragonfly Aug 1981



Wootton Bassett Report; The approval for the Templar's Firs project is given in detail. However, some pipes have appeared in the canal at the site and give cause for concern.

Calne Branch : A survey from the Wiltshire Trust for Nature Conservation has recommended no clearance work on the canal but this objection has been answered with reference to similar objection that the Conservation Trust made at Cromford. A leaflet supporting the W&B work has been written by Richard Porter entitled on "How canal restoration can enhance wildlife interest"

Kingshill Project: New tools have been donated and mechanical help for the site is being arranged

Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council is not, after all, to be abolished !!


No 15 Dragonfly Nov 1981



Kingshill: A photo and short article about the clean-up here

Wootton Bassett: A summary of correspondance about the pipes laid in the canal, particularly concerning how the bed of the canal is defined.

Secretary's Report is largely concerned with the Uffington to Grove section and present and future negotiations for survey and work on the canal. It seems likely that a general clearance will take place in the coming months at West Challow. A call for more W&B Group Council members and experts is made.

Southern Canals Association: A visit to the Wey and Arun Junction Canal is reported by Neil Rumbol

No 16 Dragonfly June 1982



Calne Branch reports on work at Chaveywell Bridge current and planned.

Dauntsey Site: Towpath clearance continues

Secretary's Report: The future of the Group depends on more active support forthcoming.

Southern Canals Association: Wilts & Berks hosted the gathering on Sunday 23rd May. Visits were made to various sites on the Wilts & Berks Canal.




No 17 Dragonfly Nov 1982



Editorial: Great concern is expressed over the gradual demolition of Chaveywell bridge, and various in-fillings, "making mockery of our first aim" (see also Calne Branch report)

Calne Branch report: It is hoped to eventually rebuild the drawbridge at Mosses' Mill

Secretary's Report: A Sales and Fund Raising Officer and Archivist have been appointed. The stretch of canal between Uffington Wharf and West Challow bridge has been surveyed and survey will be continued towards Grove and ultimately Abingdon.  The final proposals will be discussed with various parties concerned. The North Wilts District Council has asked for and been sent a report on the section of the canal in their area. There is an urgent call for a brickwork restorer and also surveyors,  designers and engineers.  The continued intransigence of Wilts CC over Templar's Firs is noted.



No 18 Dragonfly Aug 1983




Secretary's Report: Experts are required to add technical details to canal reports

Moredon Junior School: It is hoped for a project on an old aqueduct over the River Ray near Swindon as part of studies on transport.

Industrial Archaeology: An article on work by the Group on the W&B Canal

Book Review: Waterways Postcards 1900 - 1930 by Hugh McKnight




No 19 Dragonfly Nov 1983


Cover Picture: This drawbridge stood at the point where a public right-of-way now crosses the canal near the end of Castle Walk in Calne

Editorial: Looking to the future we need to do much more to emphasise that the various isolated bits of the canal are part of a long-distance waterway which is still substantially intact.

Secretary's Report: There is need for a publicity officer, a permanent editor and worksite organisers. Various major schemes are suggested for development but if we don't make REAL progress during the next 12 months we might as well give up !!

Calne Branch: Work has continued steadily on the Calne worksite. The site is about to double in size due to the purchase by the North Wilts DC of the eastern end of the branch.

Templar's Firs Project Wootton Bassett Council "trying for fairer terms for the lease and have laid claim to a small area of unknown ownership"

Southern Canals Association: October 23rd visit to view progress on the Basingstoke Canal

No 20 Dragonfly March 1984



The practical outcome of the Moredon School Canal Project is reported in the Wiltshire Star and further details are given in an article on Page 4

Editorial: The Moredon scheme is noted and also hopes to eventually link the K&A Canal with the W&B via the Avon.

Secretary's Report; Varies comings and goings on the Council are noted

Calne Branch; Repairs are going ahead at Chaveywell Bridge, and tree trimming on the Castle Park section.

Discussion Document; "Boats to Lacock and Beyond" The link from Semington onto W&B is outlined in considerable detail (Pages 6 to 9)