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Dragonfly 111 to 120
No 111 Dragonfly Winter 2008/9

DragonflyNo111_Win08_Title_600Cover Photo New Westleaze Bridge (Gary Mason)

Slough comes to Swindon: An article by Roy Cartwright about a visit by Slough Councillors and the Friends of the Slough Canal.

The Chief Executive's report highlights the news that in November the Planning Inspectorate published the report on the Swindon BC's Central Area Action Plan. In terms of bringing the Canal into Swindon Town centre this was a major achievement for all involved.

Seeing is Believing; An article by Roy Cartwright emphaises the importance of restored structures and parts of the Canal in establishing the credibility of restoration

My Beloved Coate Water Roy Cartwright's  memories of his childhood.

No 112 Dragonfly Spring 2009

DragonflyNo112_Spr09_Title_600Cover Photo Spring at Foxham (Ken Oliver)

The Chairman's Report gives details of Clare Guy's co-option to the Council of Management as Environment Director. Other posts under consideration are Grants & Contributions Co-ordinator and Trip Boat Development & Operations Manager.

In his report the Chief Executive notes a new opportunity for speeding up the restoration of W&B Canal.  Local Groups are to discuss the prospect of future severe floods occurring, and the Trust has been invited to join in these discussions because a restored canal could store or divert water flows.

Restoration News Part 1 Articles on completed and ongoing work with maps and photographs at Moredon Breathing Places, Wootton Bassett, (Bincknell Lane to Chaddington Lock) and Steppingstones Lane, Shrivenham

No 113 Dragonfly Summer 2009

Dragonfly113_Sum09_Title_105Cover Photo: Cutting the Ribbon  (Justin Guy)

The Chief Executive, Ken Oliver, speaks about his role in that post which he is about to leave to become Canal Officer with Wiltshire Council.

Duchess of Cornwall's Visit. An article describes this visit at which the Duchess opened the Naish Hill Double Bridge (see also Around the Branches)  There is also considerable background information on those involved in the restoration of the bridge.


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No 114 Dragonfly Autumn 2009

Dragonfly114_Aut09_title_105Cover Image: Destination Melksham! Town Bridge,  mooring at the end of the Melksham Link      ( Photo John Laverick)

The Chairman's Report includes comments on the 200th Anniversary of the opening of the Wilts & Berks Canal and especially on the Melksham Link Project, of which it is hoped that the first excavation can be made in 2010. He also points out that the Trust has a new Website. 3 volunteers have offered to organise and manage trip boat operations.

The Partnership Canal Officer's Report speaks of his new post and also about the Melksham Link.

The Melksham Link - A new junction at Semington Further details in a sepaarate full page article.

Around the Branches; Melksham, Calne & Chippenham Report brings out the importance of a variety of shows in which Branch Members took part. Foxham & Lyneham continued their work at Seven Locks, at one stage with the help of a Canal Camp. Canal dredging at Chaddington has occupied Wootton Bassett workers recently. Work along the line is reported from all other Branches.

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No 115 Dragonfly Winter 2009

dragonfly115_win09_title_105Cover Image; Trip Boats Damsel Fly and Willow at the Chippenham Folk Festival, with skipper Doug Harris and ship-mate Aaron Grant on Damsel Fly, and Martin Stubbs on Willow

Chairman's Report: This concerns the future of BW's properties. There was a tremendous early response to a petition against a government sell-off. The Government has issued a statement saying it wasn't immediately proposing to sell off BW property, but the future is still in doubt.

The Partnershaip Canal Officer writes about the Melksham Link, and various organisations who have recently joined the Partnerhsip.

Trip Boat News; An article by Chris Coyle about the future of trip boats on the Wilts & berks Canal and the news that Tim Pyatt is now Operations Director for Trip Boats. There is also a call for volunteers who wish to become involved.

A BW view of the WBCT; An article by James Young ( Regeneration Manager South), substantially about BW's relationship with the Trust.

Letters to the Editor; Among these are responses to earlier comment on the importance of wildlife/biodiversity in the process of resatoration

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No 116 Dragonfly Spring 2010

Dragonfly116_Spr10_Title_105Cover Image; Work starts on creating brand new canal at Wichelstowe near Swindon

The Chairman's Report bids farewell to Clare Guy, Environment Director, and welcomes Dr David Cook as Project Director East, John Gantlett as Land Negotiations Director and Matt Allard as Communications Director (taking over from Richard Bellamy). Also, details of the Trust's Office move are given.

The Partnership Canal Officer's Report welcomes Nationwide as a member. Also mentioned are the 200th Anniversary Celebrations at Wichelstowe  and Melksham Link Project.  It also points out the usefulness of the paperwork done for the unsuccessful Lottery bid.

Canal days in Swindon by Dr Eric Tull. A book review by Roy Cartwright.

Waterways World article on the Wilts & Berks is reported (full article)

Around the Branches; Activites in all areas are reported. From Melksham, Calne & Chippenham, 2 successful funding bids have been made. The Branch also won 2nd place in the Wiltshire Life Community Group Award. Among activities  at Foxham & Lyneham has been clearance of the Canal channel at Lower Waite Farm, while work at Seven Locks continues. In Swindon Report mention is made of the work taking place at Wichelstowe.  There is also a call for helpers in the shop, now an important focal point for information on the Canal, In East Vale regular work continues at Childrey and at West Vale the Canalside Park is being well used by a variety of Groups.

No 117 Dragonfly Summer 2010

Dragonfly  No 117 Summer 2010Cover Image; The Trust's new boat becomes a reality

The Chairman's Report on Underwood Trust generous donation of £25000 allowing the Trust to purchase a brand new Trip Boat. A requirement to secure a green corridor right across Wiltshire, Swindon & Oxfordshire to provide  a through route for a waterway, a cycleway, long distance footpath  and wildlife trail. The Trust is looking for a new Environment Director.

The Partnership Canal Officer's Report Reports on the Melksham Link & the  Cricklade Country Way. Speculates on funding changes after the General Election.

Good progress towards a major addition to the W&B Trip Boat Fleet. Tim Pyatt reports.

Notice of AGM and copy of Financial Accounts for Year ending 31 March 2010

Wilts & Berks Canal revisited by Doug Small.  A book review by Roy Cartwright.

Around the Branches; Activites in all areas are reported.

Retirement Ann O'Donoghue retired as Trust Administrator in July after 6 years of working for the Trust

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No 118 Dragonfly Autumn 2010

Dragonfly No 118 Autumn 2010Cover Image; HRH The Duchess of Cornwall pours the beer to name 'Dragonfly'

52 Page Bumper Issue of reports & pictures on 2 major events Firstly on 8th September HRH Duchess of Cornwall named the new Trip Boat 'Dragonfly' and also the symbolic cutting of the first sod of the proposed Melksham Link Waterway. Secondly the first ever Canal Festival in Swindon on 12th September

200 - Not Out  A short resume by Doug Small, Trust Archivist,  on the 200 years of the Canal.

200 Years of History A chronological Snapshort of time for the W&B Canal by Roy Cartwright 

Canalbed is cleared ready for the return of  water for the first time in century  Report on Progress at Pewsham.

Royal Garden Party Neil Rumpol, Vice President & Founder of the Trust, reports on his visit to Buckingham Palace

The IWA National Festival 2010 - Beale Park Report by Doug Small

Around the Branches; Activites in all areas are reported.

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No 119 Dragonfly Winter 2010/11

Dragonfly 119 Winter  2011/11Cover Image; Brand new canal at Wichelstowe, Swindon (photo courtesy of Bam Nuttall)

Partnership Canal Officer's Report Ken Oliver reflects on the past year and reports on the Melksham Link and the linking of Wootton Bassett to Swindon

Whichaway to the Thames 20?? A short reminiscences on the perceived routes to reconnect the W&B canal into the River Thames at Abingdon 1990-2008 by Geof Austin 1st part article.

Book Review English Canals Explained by Stan Yorke - Review by Roy Cartwright.

Record-Breaking result for W&B Walk Report on the April walk from Chippenham to Lacock.

nb Dragonfly (The boat not the magazine) Mike Lang gives us an update on how our boat is faring.

The Ippey Cut What, Where and Why ? Our Archivist Doug Small provides a possible answer.

Around the Branches; Activites in all areas are reported.

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No 120 Dragonfly Spring 2011



Cover Image; Cleared canal at Butterfly World, between Swindon and Wootton Bassett

Reports from the Editor, Chairman & Partnership Officer.

Whichaway to the Thames 20?? by Geoff Austin. 2nd of a 2 part article describing the long history of the East End.

Dragging the Cut in the 1970's by Michael Walden All or nothing - A Proposal to WIN back Wiltshires Waterway

The WIN 'Navvy' Trophy - Does anyone know where the trophy is now ?

Boats will be back on the Wilts & Berks at Pewsham. Report and picture by Justin Guy

Cycling the Canal. Past, Present and Future by Graham Hughes

Hardware and Software helps enjoyment of Canals by Brian Roberts - IWA represenative

Abingdon Reservoir on hold - by Brian Roberts

Reports from the Branches

Situations Vacant, Maintenance Co-Ordinator, Finds Officer and Volunteer Co-Ordinator

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