History Dragonfly Magazine 111 to 120
No 115 Dragonfly Winter 2009

dragonfly115_win09_title_105Cover Image; Trip Boats Damsel Fly and Willow at the Chippenham Folk Festival, with skipper Doug Harris and ship-mate Aaron Grant on Damsel Fly, and Martin Stubbs on Willow

Chairman's Report: This concerns the future of BW's properties. There was a tremendous early response to a petition against a government sell-off. The Government has issued a statement saying it wasn't immediately proposing to sell off BW property, but the future is still in doubt.

The Partnershaip Canal Officer writes about the Melksham Link, and various organisations who have recently joined the Partnerhsip.

Trip Boat News; An article by Chris Coyle about the future of trip boats on the Wilts & berks Canal and the news that Tim Pyatt is now Operations Director for Trip Boats. There is also a call for volunteers who wish to become involved.

A BW view of the WBCT; An article by James Young ( Regeneration Manager South), substantially about BW's relationship with the Trust.

Letters to the Editor; Among these are responses to earlier comment on the importance of wildlife/biodiversity in the process of resatoration

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