History Dragonfly Magazine 21 to 30
No 25 Dragonfly Nov 1985


Council Changes: Change of Archivist, and of catalogues onto computer.

Review of the Year: Many important activities, reported in earlier editions are reviewed.

West End Report: The possible route of the canal - Avon Link just north of Melksham and rough costings.

Dauntsey Lock: Buildings are being sold. It is hoped that these may be preserved.

Working Parties: The Eastern Parapet of Chaveywell Bridge is almost completed; the other parapet is postponed until Spring. The WRG Smalley excavator is unsuitable for dredging at Calne but will be used at Dauntsey.

Central News: Work on the Garden for the Blind at Moredon is described. A draft report "Navigation through Swindon" has been produced and submitted to Thamesdown BS.

EastEnders: Details are given of a report by Philip Ogden on 3 major problems of restoration at this end of the canal.

Higher Thames Trust has been formed with the objective of making it possible to use the existing right of navigation from Lechlade to Cricklade.

The Wessex Waterway Network: A meeting of various bodies and individuals is described (See Cover Map).



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