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No 51 Dragonfly December 1993

DragonflyNo51_Dec93_Title_600Cover Photo: Luke Walker (front) and Peter Smith finish the brickwork on the nearly-completed culvert at Wootton Bassett  (Photo Allan Winrow)

Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting to alter the Articles of Association.

Fundraising: Co-ordinator Sue Liebow reviews the year's fundraising activities and looks ahead to the next challenge.

Around the Branches: It is interesting to see, for example, in the Foxham report how Landowners are working on and around the canal restoration sites, and how the Bath & Bristol branch are helping at Foxham

Years of Consolidation ? Having described the formation and first year of the Group (Dragonfly No 49) Neil Rumpol looks at the challenges facing the embryonic Group in the second part of his series. (Part 3 in Dragonfly No 53)

No 52 Dragonfly March 1994

DragonflyNo52_Mar94_Title_600Cover photo: Bob Airey and digger in the entrance to Grove Top Lock, February 1994 (Photo - Ian Graham)

Chair Chat: An interesting overview of current status of restoration work on all parts of the line and problems and hopes for the future.

Moredon Canal A brief look at Swindon's newest recreation site.

Project Officer's Report - Mainly about sources of funds



No 53 Dragonfly June 1994


Cover Photo: Desmond Mottram receiving a cheque for £1500 from Burmah Castrol's Roger Mepstead at the IWA Weekend at Moredon in March (Photo courtesy of Burmah Castrol)

Boats to Lacock In the final part of his potted history of the Group, Neil Rumbol looks back at the last decade and brings us up to the present day. (Previous parts in Dragonfly 49 and 51)

Restoration Round-Up: A brief look at activities at the various restoration sites with reports from Work Parties at Foxham and Swindon.

Canal into Highway - Fleming Way, Swindon. An article by E.V.Tull and K, Walter and shows the line of the Wilts and Berks Canal through Swindon Town Centre.

Around The Branches: News from along the line including the completion of 3/4 mile of 'real' canal at West Vale. Another success was the Official opening of the East Vale Elm Farm section on May Bank Holiday Monday

No 54 Dragonfly September 1994


Cover photo: Trip-boat 'Damselfly' makes the return journey through Bonds Mill Lock on the Thames & Severn canal  (Photo Dawn Parsons)

Chair Chat: In his last 'Chat' before his retirement as Chairman, Peter Scatchard covers a range of topics, including the importance of landowner communication, the value of getting restored sections in water as soon as possible, and successful restoration and on-going projects.

The Project Officer's Report includes a section on fundraising and the importance of studies to back fund requests, although the studies themselves are costly



No 55 Dragonfly December 1994

Dragonfly_No55_Dec94_Title_600Cover Photo: Kevin Last (Calne Branch WPO) gets into spirit (and costume) of things at the annual Canal Day Event - see Calne branch Report (Photo Ann Last)

Chair Chat; The new Chairman Desmond Mottram, writes his first 'Chair Chat' including the completion of the 'Allen & Harris Report' on the Canal, the need for safety guidelines at work sites and a look at future plans.

Membership News. "By the time you read this the Group should have enrolled its 1000th member since it was formed in 1979.

Allen & Harris Report

Newbury Show: A Report on the Show "Of the proceeds £70+ went to the Group for sales items, £120 for teas, cakes & other handicraft items and a £20 donation paying for the marquee"

Around the Branches - What's been happening along the line, including a statement on the vital importance of maintenance in the Calne report, further dredging at Wootton Bassett

Tockenham reservoir: Archivist Gerry Townsend describes a visit to the reservoir and valve tunnel Map West to East 16 Hart Farm

No 56 Dragonfly March 1995

DragonflyNo56_Mar95_Title_600Dragon-Fly becomes Dragonfly ! Cover Photo: Scrub bashing at Dauntsey.

Around the Branches looks at what is happening along the line, including Wootton Bassett which now has 1000 yards of Canal and Swindon West Leaze which has a length of canal which will shortly be filled with water. The Foxham report announces that completion of the Elephant Spillway. They also assisted the East Vale Branch with their bridge at Grove Common Lock which is now completed. Bath & Bristol branch, although not located on the canal, continue to work at other W&B Canal sites.

Vice Chair Chat which reports that Desmond Mottram, who only recently became chairman, has stood down for various reasons and that a new Chairman is needed.

Restoration Round - Up continues to report work in progress and planned

No 57 Dragonfly June 1995

DragonflyNo57_Jun95_Title_600Cover Photo : Wootton Bassett -  'showing what we are working for !'

Chair- Chat: This is the first report by the new chairman Graham Johnson.

Restoration Round - Up: Includes work in hand and information about regular work parties.

IWA Restoration Committee: An article about the remit of this committee.

Among The Letters section are a light hearted one about the haul of bottles dredged up at East Vale, comments by Luke Walker on a Feasibility study, and thoughts arising from a view of the recently restored W&B at Wootton Bassett.

"Memories"; Comments, by Revd Dr FWT Fuller on Dr Eric Tull's book "Canal days in Swindon"

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment by CanalGen.     The 1st of 22 Part Series   Part 1 Alder and Alderfly

No 58 Dragonfly Autumn 1995

DragonflyNo58_Aut95_Title_600Cover Photo: Wootton Bassett Canal Open Day 19th August 1995

Chair Chat speaks of the intention to commission a full professional feasibility study of the restoration of the canal. It also points out the significance of the new Construction Regulations which now govern Health & Safety aspects of all signicant construction works.

In Around the Branches there is the usual review of branch activities including the cruising of a narrowboat on the restored section of canal at Wootton Bassett on Open Day

So Do We Want To Restore The Wilts & Berks Canal For Navigation ? A number of letters and replies from the Editor discuss the Feasibility Studies and their funding.

Pictures from the Past: Telford Road looking north west now Cheney Manor Road Swindon and from Telford Bridge looking north west - now a trading estate.   Both 1912

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment by CanalGen   Part 2 Brambles, Butterflies and Birds

No 59 Dragonfly Winter 1995

DragonflyNo59_Win95_Title_600Cover Picture: Grove Common lock Tailbridge

Back Cover Abingdon Branch clearance work in the area of Drayton Lock and the new Group marquee in use at the K&A Working Boat Rally

Editorial points out a variety of advertisements in the Issue, helping with the cost of the Magazine.

Chair Chat. The main item is that N.Wiltshire DC has agreed to join the Group in discussions aimed at establishing a 'Trust' to further the restoration of the Canal. Other local authorities and interested parties would be invited to join.

Developments Around The Branches are the completion of the Chaveywell Bridge at Calne,  work at West Leaze section in Swindon, and the first ever work site (Drayton Lock) at Abingdon.

Dauntsey Lock Canalside. 4 members of the Group plus a property professional have purchased 11/2 miles of canal and associated land and buildings at Dauntsey forming a company to undertake sensitive canalside developments and finance restoration of parts of the Canal.

Shrivenham Canalside Pocket Park is a project proposed in connection with Canal restoration in the area.

Conservation Corner :A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment by CanalGen   Part 3 Caddis-Fly, Carp,Catkin and Comfrey

No 60 Dragonfly Spring 1996

Dragonfly No 60_Spring 1996_Title_600Cover Photo: George (driving) and Derek arriving at Drayton Lock in the new dumper truck.

Around the Branches looks at what has been happening along the line.

Among the letters to the Editor are further lively replies to the earlier subject 'So Do We Want To Restore The Wilks & Berks Canal For Restoration ?'

Conservation Corner :A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment by CanalGen        Part 4 Dragonfly, Damselfly and Duckweed