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No 71 Dragonfly Winter 1998/99

Dragonfly71_Win1998_Title_600Cover Photo Resident swans at Dauntsey (Rachael Banyard)

Chair Chat looks back at significant events of 1998 and forward to 1999

Around the Branches, plans, events and work in progress along the line

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 15 Oaks and Owls




No 72 Dragonfly Spring 1999

Dragonfly72_Spring1999_Title_600Cover Photo : The Canal Conservation Area and the Midland & South West Junction Railway Bridge near Westlease, Swindon (Gary Mason)

Editorial Reference to the earlier published map of the canal and refers to 2nd edition (shown below).

Chair Chat: Reports that a lot of preparatory work for various projects has been completed. The Retirement of the General Secretary Chris Naish and Company Secretart Neil Rumpol are announced.

Update: Canal in Highway Fleming Way, Swindon (Following an earlier article by Dr E Tull & K Walter in Dragonfly No 53)

Press release; An account of a presentation of £24,000 in connection with Landfill Tax, by Messrs Crapper & Sons to W&BAG

Publicity: The committee has recently asked for the words 'fund - raising' to be omitted from its title as it felt that this implied the much wider task of seeking Grants etc rather than just raising small amounts through the sale of what are largely publicity items

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 16 Pondweed

No 73 Dragonfly Summer 1999

Dragonfly73_summer1999_Title_600Cover Photo Little John, alias Colin Fletcher, Chairman of the Melksham branch. At the Melksham (or is it Sherwood ?) Forest Work Site

Back Cover The restoration team at Moredon, take a well earned break after completing the lock

Chair Chat: North Wilts DC ( a Canal trust partner) has bought some land on the line of the Canal at Morningside Farm, near Wootton Bassett, which includes the Summit Lock. The Trust intends to employ a Project Officer in the near future, such a post has had a very beneficial effect at the Cricklade Country Way. Graham Smith has volunteered to fill both General & Company Secretary posts.

Around the Branches: Melksham have established their own worksite to the north of the town, The 5 year 'licence to work' for a stretch of canal at Calne has been finalised with the landowner, Lord Shelburne, In Swindon there have been a number of developments, plans for work, and the lock at Moredon has been completed .

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 17 Rats & Rushes

No 74 Dragonfly Autumn 1999

Dragonfly74_Autumn1999_Title_600Cover Photo; The Wilts & Berks Display stand with new cover, at the IWA National Waterways Festival, Worcester during the August Bank Holiday weekend (Peter Smith)

Editorial on Positions filled and response to request for back issues of Dragonfly

The Cricklade Country Way Trust was recently formed to promote the creation of a leisure corridor between Swindon and Cricklade. This would incorporate the restored N Wilts Canal and the Swindon & Cricklade Railway. and provide a network of footpaths and cycleways between the 2 towns

Chair Chat latest from Tony Davy

Around the Branches reports from Bath & Bristol, Melksham, Calne & Chippenham, Foxham & Lyneham, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, West Vale, East Vale, and Abingdon

The Publicity Section reports on the W&B display and other features at the IWA National Waterways Festival. There is also a request for people to send in photographs they may have taken at W&B related events.

A brief Book Review of Doug Small's "The Wilts & Berks Canal"

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 18 Slugs, Snails & Spindles

No 75 Dragonfly Winter 1999/2000

Dragonfly75_Winter1999_Title_600Cover Photo: View of the new section of Kingshill, Swindon, as seen from the top of Skew Bridge (Neil Maxfield)

Chair Chat: The Trust has won the annual Christopher Power prize, jointly with Droitwich Canal trust. This is for the most significant contribution to an amenity waterway. The W&B Group have supported the Cotswolds Canal in opposing  extraction of  gravel north of Cricklade, which threatened their canal. At Kingshill a couple of short restored lengths and a couple of obstructed lengths have now been joined to form one long run of canal.

Around the Branches: Information on work in hand and future plans from Bristol & Bath to Abingdon. Details are given on the work at Kingshill mentioned in Chair Chat

Building Bridges : Allan Porter explains the trials and tribulations of the construction of the new foot bridge at Wootton Bassett

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment       Part 19 Toads, Tadpoles and Traveller's Joy

No 76 Dragonfly Spring 2000

Dragonfly76_Spring2000_Title_600Cover Photo: Andrea Riding (Great Western Community Forest) with members of Land & Water Services Ltd on the Canal at Kingshill (Josie Williams)

Chair Chat: The developers who applied to extract gravel from the Cotswolds Canal Trust Canal line, north of Cricklade have withdrawn and now intend to aid restoration. It may be that objections from the W&B Group have helped. West Wilts DC have set up a committee to agree a route for protection in the future at Melksham.

Around the Branches; Bath & Bristol have been working out and about as always. At Melksham progress on the selection of a new route to the K&A has been made. From Calne & Chippenham there is news that vandalism at Chaveney Bridge has been solidly repaired and that local anglers have done their bit in clearing weeds at Calne. At Dauntsey and Foxham both new and repair work continues. The Wootton Bassett branch has done substantial work on leak repair. Work at Kingshill (Swindon) has leapt forward and the canal project at Moredon has received £27,000 from Messrs Crapper and Sons Ltd. West Vale branch remains busy, working on the canal and the Canalside park. At East Vale it is hoped for a good stretch back in water by the end of the year. Abingdon Branch has called for more workers at the lock.

Melksham - A Dream not coming True. An account of the death knell of route E and the current position with the modified route G which the Wilts CC should secure in its Plan.

A Press Report (Wiltshire Times Feb 11 2000) on the award of the Christopher Power Prize to the Group.

An Important Milestone for Canal project. Based on work at Kingshill, this article from the West Wiltshire Advertiser (30 March 2000) also gives a broader picture of the Group's achievements

Largest Single Funding Amount; An article on the donation of £27,000 by Messrs Crapper & Sons Ltd and its significance for the Group's work.

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 20 U for Underwater

No 77 Dragonfly Summer 2000

Dragonfly77_Summer2000_Title_600Cover Photo Ron Robertson plays pied Piper at Beavans Bridge (Sue Morgan Jones Swindon Evening Advertiser) See also inside Back Cover. Taken from the Swindon Evening Advertiser 16 May 2000

Chair Chat. Vale of White Horse DC has asked the Group to organise a survey of the 3 routes around Abingdon in a Feasibility Study and recommend one so that it can be included in their district plan

Annual Report to 31st March 2000. This includes an overview of the year's activities and a list of restoration projects with brief comments.

Around the Branches: A regular look at what has been happening along the line. Included are descriptions of bridge building from Foxham & Lyneham and Swindon

Letters to the Editor Comments on the Web Site and the location of Canal structures

Neil Rumbol - an article on the founder of the W&BCAG

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 21 V for Voles

No 78 Dragonfly Autumn 2000

Dragonfly78_Autumn2000_Title-600Cover Photo: The new bridge at Foxham under construction (D Smurthwaite)

Chair Chat announces that Chaloner Chute has been appointed as the Trust's project Officer. The Kennett DC has accepted that "in principle planning permission will be granted for a new canal cutting..."

Around The Branches continues to look at activities along the line. An interesting piece of news from Swindon is that the Borough Council in its proposals for building between Swindon and the M4, not only makes allowance for the canal but also makes it a feature of the design

Henry's Patch. Inspired by a letter from Rev Rooke (Dragonfly 77) Henry Smith writes to help members locate the restoration sites and canal landmarks frequently used in his Swindon report.

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 22  Willows and Water Boatmen. This is the last in the series. Editor's thanks to all those involved with Canalgen for some most interesting articles. Other Canal Societies have now started to run Conservation Corner in their magazines.

No 79 Dragonfly Winter 2000/2001

Dragonfly79_Winter2000_Title_600Cover Photo ; Santa talks to the children at Calne (Tim Preece)

Chair Chat: it is announced that following investigation by the new Project Officer the Trust will become a Partnership and the Group will adopt the name of The Trust, if agreed at the next AGM.

Project Officer of the Trust Chaloner Chute Writes of his activities including details of the recommended structure of the name changes of the Trust & the Group.

Around the Branches: Among many activities along the line, Melksham Branch arranged a tour of the Route G (K&A to old line between Melksham and Lacock) It was attended by County, District and Town Councellors and a sizeable group of the general public. They have also received a grant from Blue Circle Cement, who wish to see Canal restoration in the Melksham area. Foxham & Lyneham continue with various construction works. Wootton Bassett have continued work at Morningside Farm and Summit Lock sites. Cricklade has been set up as a new branch to focus on the stretch of Canal between Moredon Aqueduct and the junction with the Cotswold canal. In Swindon Messrs Hicks (Builders) have donated £40,000 towards the work at Kingshill

Canal Supporters' petetion in support of the Waterway returning near Melksham signed by almost 200 people will be included in public responses to the Draft District Plan

Luke's Patch: In a second article inspired by Revd Rookes letter, (Dragonfly 77) Luke Walker writes to help members locate restoration sites and canal landmarks referred to in his Foxham & Lyneham reports. (1st reply from Henry Smith - Swindon in Dragonfly 78)

No 80 Dragonfly Spring 2001

Dragonfly80_Spring_Title-600Cover Photo The "bluebox" container crossing the collapsed Steppingstone Bridge near Shrivenham (Orph Mable)

Chair Chat noted the restrictions imposed owing to Foot & Mouth disease. A further worry was the possibility that the lLandfill Tax Scheme might be abolished, although there is the possibility of other Government funding..."for worthwhile projects" !!

Wantage Wharf Crane. Thoughts and request for information on the Wantage tramway

Publicity Bits by Doug Small reports on the status of the Web Site and on the importance of background and archive information when the canal is re-opened.

Total Membership is now 1227

Press release. With the Crapper Company's latest contribution to the Swindon Branch the total now reaches over £108,000. Chairman Roger Crapper is being made a Vice-president of the Charity.

Landfill Tax Credit Scheme may end. Further details are given.