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No 91 Dragonfly Winter 2003

DragonflyNo91_Win02_Title_600Cover Photo the south face of the River Key aqueduct, near Cricklade, on the North Wilts Canal, showing the start of the new towpath wall.

Chair Chat: Notes that the Abingdon Study Report is due in February and its finding will be fed into local plans which should protect the chosen line from development. There have also been favourable reports from Melksham and Cricklade.

Canal Ramblings: Details of a circular walk round Lacock and Pewsham.

Tales from the Workshop: Another article in the regular series about the plant management side of the Trust

No 92 Dragonfly Spring 2003

DragonflyNo92_Spr04_Title_600Cover Photo Three-ton JCB mini-digger, Blue, on loan to East Vale from IWA brings yet another section of our beloved canal back to life near East Childrey.

Editorial: Writing of the Chippenham / Lacock circular walk recently reported, the Editor notes that there is another walk around the Bowood Calne Branch area to be reported in the next issue. The hope is to eventually publish a book of walks all along the Canal and possibly to link them to form a full length walk.

Chair Chat. Funding from major sources is getting tighter. However, there have been 2 significate successes lately. North Wilts DC voted to give the Trust £30,000 to spend on capital projects within the district. A grant has been received from the Underwood Trust towards the cost of providing office premises and admin staff to support the Trust's activities.

Partnership News; With 6 major engineering reports now complete the implementation stage is to be considered. The strategic junctions at Melksham, Abingdon, Swindon and Cricklade/Latton are favoured as those to be started with.

Around the Branches reports on activities along the line, including current restoration information. There has been a merger of Melksham and Calne & Chippenham branch

Tales from the workshop: The cards they are a changing by George Eycott

No 93 Dragonfly Summer 2004

DragonflyNo93_Sum04_Title_600Cover Photo Tony Davy, with his wife, Juanita, at Pewsham Locks during the opening ceremony of the Chippenham-to-Lacock Cycleway.

Tributes to Tony Davy the Trust Chairman who died on 27th June as the result of a stroke, from Graham Smith (Secretary) , Chaloner Chute (Partnership Project Officer ) and Ken Oliver (Chairman Elect).

Chair Chat announces the opening of the offical Trust Office in Wootton Bassett. It also reports the decision to investigate the possibility of forming an "Environmental Committee''

Annual Report 2003-4 includes the Chairman's Report, details of restoration projects and a list of the major member bodies of the Partnership.

What The Papers Say; A new guide has been produced allowing people to trace the steps of the W&B Canal through Melksham.

Southern Canals Conference at Calne visited 3 work sites in the Calne area.

Letters to the Editor: A snapshot in time from Martin Boyden and Do we have dragonflies on the canal ? from Jenny Stratton

The planned new canal route for Cricklade. A sketch map and commentary are presented.

No 94 Dragonfly Autumn 2004

DragonflyNo94_Aut04_Title_600Cover Photo Members of the WRG Canal Camp at Calne Town Lock, 4th to 11th September (Editor Tim Preece)

Chair Chat: The first by the new Chairman, Ken Oliver. Among other items he mentions the Swindon Southern Development area (housing) which will include the Canal, and the strategy of acquiring canal line as a priority.

Around the Branches reports on work all along the line. For example, in the Melksham , Calne & Chippenham Branch, work on the Calne town Lock has generated much interest. At Foxham & Lyneham work at 7 Locks continues as does that at Chaddington Lock in Wootton Bassett. At Cricklade work is finished on the north wall of the River Key Aqueduct and further work is planned. The Southern development area of Swindon is likely to produce millions of pounds in contributions to W&B restoration.

British Waterways - Waterways 2025 is a document outlining BW's vision for the waterways network by 2025. It includes W&B as one of the 18 restoration projects they wish to support over the next 20 years.

No 95 Dragonfly Winter 2004/5

DragonflyNo95_Win04_Title_600Cover Photo the recently excavated 'Hayes Knoll Lock' on the North Wilts Canal (Dave Warren).

Editorial: The Editor, Tim Preece bids farewell after 8 years and welcomes his successor, Richard Bellamy.

Chair Chat By Ken Oliver

Around the Branches continues to report activities along the line with such encouraging comments as "Hayes Knoll Lock is now ours and pushes the Canal 2 miles closer to Swindon" (Cricklade Report), and Wenow have a new section of Canal upon which we will be able to run trips on 'Poineer' during the summer, (Swindon).

Canal Ramblings 2; A Wilts & Berks Canal Circular Walk. Pewsham to Calne, compiled by Bristol Branch

No 96 Dragonfly Spring 2005

Dragonfly96_Spr_title_105Cover Photo; Chaddington Lock from bridge side. Wootton Bassett March 2005 (Peter Smith)

Partnership News speaks of future strategy including 'Flagship Schemes' ie in areas which provide key junctions and links to the rest of the waterways, allowing early traffic and visitors, and revenue streams. Chaddington Lock, which had solid Partnership funding, will be opened in April. Later a full article and pictures

Membership is now 1724

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No 97 Dragonfly Summer 2005

Dragonfly97_sum05_title_105Cover Photo; Weed cutting in the Wootton Bassett stretch of the W&B Canal (Peter Smith)

Around the Branches reports activities from all sections of the line. Bath & Bristol who do sterling work at various places. At Foxham & Lyneham work continues on Locks 3 and 4 of Seven Locks. Wootton Bassett were looking forward to the Topping out ceremony at Chaddington Lock. (An article on the same topic by Challoner Chute, Partnership Project Officer, is featured later in the edition). Cricklade reports work on the River Key Aqueduct with photographs

Walk the Wilts & Berks 2005; Following the success of the first sponsored walk in 2004, this year's walk took the same route from Chippenham to Lacock

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No 98 Dragonfly Autumn 2005

Dragonfly98_Aut05_title_105Cover Photo; Keith, David & Rob (Foxham & Lyneham) at the tail walls of Lock 3 ( David Tarrant)

The usual 'Chair Chat' is to be replaced for the next few editions with some outlines of the Trust's 10 Year Plan. Here an overview of the Plan and an assessment of the Trust's capabilities.

Around the Branches includes details and photographs of work on Locks 3 and 4 (Seven Locks) in Foxham & Lyneham's section.  Wootton Bassett  report stresses the importance of maintenance on restored sections.  The writer, John Bower, believes "we should not restore any section unless we can maintain it afterwards". At West Vale successful work has been done to re-build part of the collapsed Childrey wharf.

A new future for Grove & Wantage; An article about the campaign to secure canal restoration through Grove and Wantage.

Trust Short listed for £100,000 Grant by IWA; The Trust's project plan submitted is for a new junction with the Thames near Culham Cut.

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No 99 Dragonfly Winter 2005/6

Dragonfly99_Win0506_title-105Cover Photo; A photomontage of how the new junction might look where it crosses the field and enters the lake beyond the hedge. Martin Buckland and IWA Archives , Photomontage Jenny Buckland

10 Year Plan Towards Restoration 2014. The North Wilts Canal; Ken Oliver, Trust Chairman writes the second of a number of articles. which focuses on North Wilts and refers to Lottery Funding

Partnership News gives details of a bid for  Lottery Funding

IWA Diamond Jubilee Grant; A short article on the New Thames Junction Proposals ( See also Map on centre pages)

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No 100 Dragonfly Spring 2006

Dragonfly100_Spr06_title_105Cover Photo; Double Bridge at Pewsham.  Photogragher Melksham, Calne & Chippenham Branch.

From Chair to Chief Executive: Ken Oliver announces his relinguishing the Chair to take up the new post of Cheif Executive of the Trust.

New Thames Junction at Abingdon; A brief article, with photographs of preparatory work for the new junction

Fundraising - What's consultation got to do with it ? An article on fundraising by Martin Buckland, Fundraising Director.

Pioneer - The Trust Trip boat at Swindon - as well as pleasure 'a splendid advert for the Wilts and Berks development'

The view from Dragonfly 1; A look back by Peter Boyce editor of the 1st Dragonfly in 1977

Our own letter from America: Another look back to the beginning of the Canal Group in 1977 by Avice Wilson, now living in the USA, but who has been a member of the Group and The Trust since its inauguration

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