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Dec 1862 Golden Lion bridge
During the past week men in the employ of the Wilts and Berks Canal Company have been engaged in fencing off the approaches to this bridge, and their labours, no doubt, in some measure will tent to make the passage over the bridge more certain, but that these fencings will meet the requirements of the public, or make the bridge what it ought to be, we cannot for a moment admit.

Indeed, on Christmas night, between nine and ten o'clock, and since the fencings on that side of the bridge were completed, one of the workmen in the employ of the Great Western Railway, when attempting to cross the bridge, walked right into the water.

The thought which must frequently come to uppermost in the mind of persons when attempting to cross this bridge is that should they unfortunately get into the water, the large number of persons constantly passing over the bridge, both by night as well as day, renders it almost certain that his perilous position will be immediately discovered and the necessary help at once afforded him.
This was the case on Christmas night.

The report was instantly spread that a man was in the canal, and he was quickly, although with considerable difficulty, pulled out, and after being taken into the Golden Lion was restored to consciousness.

The Swindon Advertiser
December 29th 1862

April 1867 Dividend
The last year's income only exceeded the expenditure in the sum of nearly £5,000 by £947.5s.3d
The dividend was 2s.6d per share.

The Swindon Advertiser
April 15th 1867

June 1866 Disaster at Reservoir
We understand the directors of the Berks and Wilts Canal Company finding it impossible to repair the culvert running beneath the reservoir until they are in an to lower the water, have decided upon erecting a powerful steam pump, to lift the water which is dammed up in the valley at one end of the reservoir.

This will prevent the possibility of flooding, the engine being capable of pumping all the water that could accumulate in wet weather.

Swindon Advertiser
June 11th 1866

Mar 1866 Closing Canal between Wantage & Abingdon

We have been requested to state that the following paragraph, which is now going the round of the local press, is entirely without foundation.
The paragraph first appeared in the columns of a contemporary, not celebrated for the accuracy of its reports.

We understand that the committee of the Wilts and Berks Canal Company have finally determined on closing that portion of the canal between Wantage and Abingdon, and selling the land to the owners of the adjoining properties.

March 26th 1866

The Swindon Advertiser

April 1863 The Golden Lion Bridge
THE GOLDEN LION BRIDGE-On Saturday afternoon last a public meeting of the ratepayers of Old and New Swindon was held in the Town Hall, Old Swindon,( Mr.W Foote in the chair) for the purpose of considering what steps it was advisable to take to replace the present unsafe and inadequate bridge over the Wilts and Berks Canal by a new and effective bridge.
The meeting which was well attended , was unanimous that something should at once be done in the matter, and a committee consisting of W.F.Gooch, W Foote, W.B. Wearing, J.Toomer, W. Gillett, J.Fawcett, G. Adams, J.Benskin, and W Read was appointed to confer with the directors of the canal company on this matter, and to take such steps as they might see fit.
This matter has been agitated for eight or nine years, and we do trust that the gentlemen who were appointed to act as a committee will at once proceed to do all that is necessary towards making the bridge adequate to the requirements of the public and the great traffic constantly passing over this spot.

Swindon Evening advertiser April 13 1863

May 1863 Fishing
Notice is hereby given that the fishing in the canal will in future be STRICTLY PRESERVED.
All persons are therefore requested to abstain from fishing without an order, which can only be obtained on application to Mr Dunsford, at the canal office, Swindon.
The orders, which will not be transferable will be granted for six months, commencing from the 1st May, and will be available at any part of the Summit Level, which is eight and a half mile in length, and also the North Wilts Branch, nine miles, to fish with one rod and line, from the towing-path side only, the charge for such order will be Ten Shillings.
Persons detected fishing after this notice without an order will be prosecuted.
Boatmen detected fishing will in future be punished, as provided by the Act of Parliament.
By Order of the Committee.
HENRY LYDE DUNSFORD. Superintendent.

Swindon Evening Advertiser April 18th 1863

Special Orders will be issued for other parts of the canal

Swindon Evening Advertiser May 4 1863