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Canal enthusiasts have been busy

10wv_pressitems_150Members of the British Trust for Conservation voluntees work on the Wilts & Berks Canal

Swindon Evening Advertiser 18 Jan 1996

Canal navvies forego the festivities

9wv_pressitems_150Members of the Shrivenham West Vale Branch of the Wilts & Berks Amenity Group teamed with voluntees  from the Waterways Recovery Group

Swindon Evening Advertiser  4 January 1994

Don't let our dream flounder

8wv_pressitems_150Hope that the National Rivers Authority and local Authorities will eventually take over clearing of waterway. First boat at Shrivenham since 1912.

Swindon Evening Advertiser 22 February 1993

Canal buffs dive in to hard graft

7wv_pressitems_150A World War Two lorry was brought in to winch out  dead willow tree stumps blocking the waterway at Shrivenham

Swindon Advertiser 7 January 1993

Festive spirit lends energy to Canal job

6wv_pressitems_150Canal enthusiasts worked off the Christmas fare with 8 days of hard labour - and enjoyed every minute

Swindon Evening Advertiser 30 December 1992

Your Village News - Clearance Party

5wv_pressitems_150Voluntees help clear undergrowth on the Wilts & berks canal at Shrivenham

Gazette & Herald 23 July 1992

Allied Effort

4wv_pressitems_150Team from Allied Dunbar join members of the Shrivenham branch of Wilts & Berks group and are starting to see the results of their labours

22 July 1992

Bid to restore Canal

3wv_pressitems_150Canal enthusiats in Shrivenham have formed a group and hope to start clearing their section of the Wilts & Berks Canal

Swindon Evening Advertiser  23 May 1991

Royal Award on the Towpath

2wv_pressitems_150The Wilts & Berks Amenty Group receive an award given to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Queen's succession to the throne

Swindon Evening Advertiser  25 March 1991

Canal Link Hope for Village

1wv_pressitems_150Enthusiasts are digging out the remains of the waterways, moving from Abingdon near Oxford towards the village of Shrivenham

Swindon Evening Advertiser  25 March 1991