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Proposed Canal will be 'dead water'

IMG_600Coun Stan Pajak believes the idea of a new canal through Swindon is flawed




Swindon Advertiser               November 29 2007


Canal will bring the 'Wow factor'

IMG_0002_600Ken Oliver told the audience at a meeting held at Heelis in Kemble Drive that the idea of having a canal in the heart of the town first came about in 1793. The Trust has been busy restoring sections of the canal for many years.


Swindon Advertiser                         November 23 2007

Water under the bridge

IMG_0004_600The Canal at Kingshill, Swindon


Swindon Advertiser           November 22 2007

Volunteers flood in to revive canalcanal

IMG_00067a_600_2More than 100 volunteers from Waterways Recovery Group arrived in the town to work on restoring a section of the North wilts Canal at the Cricklade Country Way


Western Daily Press November 6 2007

We're not sunk yet

IMG_0011_600A project to restore the canal between Swindon & Cricklade has lost out on millions of pounds of lottery funding - but organisers haven't given up hope of seeing the scheme through

..we knew we were competing against 23 other very good schemes so it was quite a small chance ... This is definitely not the end of the project.. But there are still going to be other ways to find the funding

Swindon Advertiser November 20 2007

Jams throw up canal doubts

jams_throw_canal_doubts_100A Swindon resident raises the question of conjestion and the disruption any return of the canal to the town may bring

Swindon Evening Advertiser August 2007

Canal Plan is so vital

canal_plan_so_vital_100A letter writer urges Swindon residents to use their imaginations for the 'vital' restoration of the Wilts and Berks in the town.

Swindon Evening Advertiser August 2007

Golden Oldies

golden_oldies_125A Swindon resident raises the question of conjestion and the disruption any return of the canal to the town may bring

Swindon Evening Advertiser August 2007

Don't let canal get in the way


A partner with the developers focusing on the Swindon redevlopment ask that the canal should not be allowed to 'get in the way'


Swindon Evening Advertiser July 2007

Mayor's first rip in canoe

mayors_first_canoe_100Could this be the first coracle on the Wilts and Berks at Wootton Bassett?

Swindon Evening Advertiser July 2007

Council to quit canal plan after lottery flop

IMG_0001_600An ambitious project that aimed to open up ancient waterways is likely to lose crucial support from civic chiefs after it failed to secure more than £50m in lottery funding



Western Daily Press November 27 2007

6 letters

IMG_0010_600Various views from the public




Swindon Advertiser

November 23-25 2007

Come & get on the right route for canal

IMG_0003_600Letter from reader who believes Coun Blub is brave and inspirational in viewing the canal as a central focus for a regenerated town centre and for it to be alongside the heritage area.

Swindon Evening Advertiser November 21 2007

Canal would bring in £10m a year for us all

IMG_0009_600 A letter from Ken Oliver

How depressing to read the letters over the last few weeks that are so negative about the future plans for Swindon...the cost, or more correctly investment of £50m will be paid for by creating a feature in the town centre that will attract visitors and businesses who would not otherwise come

Swindon Advertiser November 5 2007

Call for wide-beam link to Melksham

IMG_0012_600_2The proposed link to join Melksham to the Kennet & Avon Canal should be built to the same dimensions as the K&A, says a recent report. The plan by consultants Black & Veatch would have 4 locks built to bring the new navigation down to the River Avon.  In all half a mile of river through the centre of Melksham would be used to reconnect the canal..the improvements to the river, new water related businesses, the presence of visiting boats and the regeneration of waterside property would bring economic benefit to the town

Towpath Talk September 13 2007

Put a railway plan on track

put_railway_plan_track_100It just shows were competing with other interests! - This correspondent believes we should focus on the rail heritage of the town

Swindon Evening Advertiser August 2007

Restorations needs helpers

restorations_need_helpers_100A call to arms! The increasing number of restoration sites require additional help in keeping them clear. This appeal appeared in August

Swindon Evening Advertiser August 2007

It's crunch day on country way
its_crunch_day_country_walk_100An update on the progress of the Cotswold Country Way
Swindon Evcening Advertiser July 2007
Restoring canal is a backward step

restoring_canal_backward_step2_100A further doubting voice who believes the canal would be a backward step for the town in Swindon

Swindon Evening Advertiser July 2007

Steam rail plan saved

steam_rail_plan-saved_100Council continues to back the steam railway element of the Cricklade Country Way

Swindon Evening Advertiser May 2007

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