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Bluh Looks to Future

Bluh looks to futureIn an optimistic presentation of major projects in Swindon, Councillor Bluh dismissed the view that a canal for Swindon was a fantasy. He considered the canal important to Swindon's regeneration

Swindon Advertiser 27 Nov 2008

Slough & Swindon in common

Slough and Swindon have things in commonCouncellors from Slough came to Swindon to see what canal plans here.  Plans are being concidered for a canal link from the Grand Union Canal at Slough  to the River Thames. The route through Swindon centre would take about 8 years.


Swindon Advertiser 29 Sept 2008


Canal would be big boost to town

Canal big boost to townA reader points to the boom in canal popularity and says that an internet poll reveled the canal restoration was the most popular suggestion for improving the town centre.

Swindon Advertiser 5 Aug 2008

SBC Temporary Closure of Subway

SBC closure canal subwaySwindon Borough Council - Notice is given of temporary closure of the Wilts & Gloucester canal subway in Station Road

Swindon Advertiser 18 July 2008

Team spruce up canal

Team spruce canalA team of colunteers from Swindon Borough Council Housing Property Department spent a day clearing weed on a 400m stretch of the canal at Kingshill Swindon

Swindon Advertiser 3 July 2008

Tara & Pip go toTemplar's Firs

Tara & Pip templars trailA country walk, which includes 'a pretty section of the restored W&BC' at Wootton Bassett is described.

Busy Bee Magazine June/July 2008

About the centre of Town

About centre townA brief summary is given of the old canal's route and history

Swindon Advertiser 28 June 2008

Take a walk along canal

Take walk along canal Walkers are invited to join a 'canal stroll' at Wootton Bassett on Saturday June 20 2008

Swindon Advertiser 20 June 2008

Canal will mean chaos for drivers

Canal chaos for driversA reader fears that a town centre canal would pose a major traffic problem and that the cost has been grossly under estiamted.


Swindon Advertiser 28 May 2008

Canal plan is madness

Canal plan madnessAnother opinion - while agreeing that waterways have enhanced towns and cities the reader thinks that the massive disruption and cost in Swindon would be more madness

Swindon Advertiser 21 May 2008

Canal will not fix traffic problems

Canal will not fix trafficA correspondent believes that the Canal Trust and supporters envisage that the canal is the answer to Swindon's traffic problem and regards it as 'pie in the sky'

Swindon Advertiser 4 Oct 2008


The path beside the old canal

path besides old canal 48 100A photograph of the path beside the old canal is shown featuring an old bridge spanning the water.

Picture by Ros Wheble

Swindon Advertiser 3 Sept 2008

Swans in procession

Swans in procession KingshillProcession of swans along the Kingshill canal. Picture by Alan Quinn

Swindon Advertiser 23 July 2008

Town facelift is going nowhere

Town facelift going nowhereIn an article criticising the progress of the Swindon Town "facelift", a reader is enthusiastic about a free running canal in the town.

Swindon Advertiser 9 July 2008

Big plans for Canal through Swindon

Big plan for canal through swindonAn article describes W&BC Trust's plans for re-instating a canal through the heart of Swindon

Busy Bee Magazine June/July 2008

Don't shut this vital subway

don't shut vital subwayA reader points to the chaos which would be caused with closure of public access to the Wilts & Gloucester Canal subway in Station Road. Another reader says that we should forget the canal and divert the money to renovating the River Ray

Swindon Advertiser 26 June 2008

Staff dig to restore canal

Staff dig restored canal2 similar short articles report the participation of staff from Swindon firm Arval in clearing work at Latton Lock

Swindon Advertiser 23/25 June 2008

Restoring canal for the community

Restoring canal for communityAn open day was held at Latton Basin on 1st June  to celebrate its clearance by volunteers from W&BC Trust. Although the basin will not connect to a restored N Wilts canal a short aqueduct is all that is needed to join the future Thames & Severn canal.

Swindon Advertiser 5 June 2008

Canal should go round Swindon

Canal round swindonA reader opposes views of town centre canal supporters in recent editions of the newspaper and thinks it should be routed round Swindon

Swindon Advertiser 26 May 2008

Canal will give self-respect

Canal give self-respectA reader who travels throughout the country writes of the positive ambience and pleasure a town centre waterway gives. he sees the canal generating shops, reuvenated properties,cafes, restaurants, festivals,wild life, cleaner air and the draw of visitors. The canal would be something to be proud of, an investment for the future.

Swindon Advertiser 20 May 2008

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