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Canal Dream

CanalDream1_1000Some of the arguments against the WB Canal are put to its Chairman John Laverick

"Our aim is to restore it fully and provide a recreational resource for the 21st century"

Swindon Advertiser

November 25 2010



Duchess of Cornwall names Dragonfly

AdverSep9HRH_100Swindon Advertiser Sept 9 2010

HRH Duchess of Cornwall names the Trust's new narrowboat Dragonfly and cuts the first sod of the Melksham link


Canal Team Moves On

moredonopen_may_100 About 20 people joined a walk to mark the re-opening of a section of the towpath along the North Wilts Canal in Moredon Swindon

Swindon Advertiser May 3 2010

Waterways World March 2010


The March 2010 edition of Waterways World contained a 4 page article on the restoration of the Wilts & Berks Canal.

Entitled 'The Big One' it describes "Britain's longest restoration of 67 miles of rural narrow canal. An impossible dream? Perhaps not, as Richard Fairhurst finds"

Clicking on the picture on the left opens the article.

More details about Waterways World can be found from their website: www.waterwaysworld.com

Don't insult The Canal Opponents

DontInsultCanalOpponents_1000A reply to "Canal Dream"

"Every time someone speaks up in opposition, they produce lofty and arrogant reasons why it would be wonderful for residents of this town"

Swindon Advertiser

December 3 2010

Going another Mile - Canal Boat Magazine June 2010

canalboat_ june2010_1_100It might seem like a mile of dry ditch that goes from nowhere to nowhere, but the length that the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust is tackling this year could be the key to much greater things


Canal Boat June 2010

Beneath The Surface
complete1_2000Peter Willaims, a Music teacher with a love of canals has turned detective to write a book about the W&B canal that passes through his home town of Melksham. After volunteering to help dig up the remains of the old waterway his interests go further.
Western Daily Press April 6 2010